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You’ve heard of the “domino effect”: change one area of your life, and all the other areas must change too. In this On Demand Lecture, Summer McStravick walks you through powerful exercises, including two Flowdreaming sessions, to increase the money and prosperity in your life…which will ripple through into abundance in every other area.

Anyone interested in the Law of Attraction or the art of manifesting will enjoy Summer’s easy technique, called Flowdreaming, that is a potent blend of guided daydreaming, intense emotion, and access to the “ocean of consciousness”—the Flow—that underlies all life. Even more important, when a group of people act together with the same intention, the powerful desire is deepened and magnified.

During your two-hours listening to Summer, she’ll help you to identify and unravel your blocks to happiness and prosperity, as well as to “rewrite the code” of your Flow field to allow financial security to activate in your life. Plus, you will learn exactly how to Flowdream, how to work with your emotions, and how to respond to the abundance the Flow has to offer.

This lecture is based on material from Summer’s newly released book and 2-CD set, The Prosperity Challenge: A 14-Day Program for Manifesting Wealth and Abundance, containing over 120 minutes of high-quality audio that makes a terrific companion to the seminar.