Forgiveness by Iyanla Vanzant

    Publisher: Smiley Books

    Publication Date: 12/3/13

    ISBN: 9781401943806

    Too many of us feel trapped in stagnant romantic, family, or workplace relationships. Weighed down by toxic thoughts and emotions, we might be quick to judge and slow to pardon, and self-righteous about our feelings as we dwell on memories of what we or others did (or failed to do).

    In this new book and CD, Iyanla Vanzant challenges us to liberate ourselves from the wounds of the past and to embrace the new power of forgiveness.

    With Iyanla's 21-Day Forgiveness Plan, you'll explore relationship dynamics with your parents,
    children, friends, partners, co-workers, bosses, yourself, and even God. With journal-ing work and
    Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as "tapping"), you'll learn to live with more love; gain new
    clarity on your life, lessons, and blessings; and discover a new level of personal freedom, peace, and well being.

    Forgiveness doesn't mean agreeing with, condoning, or even liking what has happened. Forgiveness
    means letting go and knowing that-regardless of how challenging, frightening, or difficult an experience may seem-everything is just as it needs to be in order for you to grow and learn. When you focus on how things "should" be, you deny the presence and power of love. Accept the events of the past, while being willing to change your perspective on them.

    As Iyanla says, "Only forgiveness can liberate minds and hearts once held captive by anger, bitterness, resentment, and fear. Forgiveness is a true path to freedom
    that can renew faith, build trust, and nourish the soul."