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What does an ancient map of time tell us about the mystery of December 2012 and beyond?

Fact: December 21, 2012 signals the end of a long and mysterious cycle of time—a Great World Age that began 5,125 years ago.

Fact: The end of such cycles in the past has triggered cataclysmic shifts that changed the face of the Earth and altered entire civilizations.

Fact: The predictions for 2012, and what follows, range from an era of chaos and destruction to a thousand years of peace and cooperation.

Join best-selling author, scientist, and spiritual teacher Gregg Braden for an unprecedented look into what you can expect in your life, and for the world, as we approach the end of the present World Age cycle in 2012.

In this captivating On Demand Lecture, Gregg merges the modern discoveries of nature’s patterns (fractals) with the ancient view of a cyclic universe. Learn how everything from the way peace between nations to personal patterns of love and betrayal mirror the returning cycles of our past. While each cycle repeats carrying a more powerful version of itself, Gregg explains how the power of choice offers you a window of opportunity in each cycle to select a new outcome for the returning pattern.

Through Gregg’s straight-forward explanations, you’ll discover:
• How the conditions for 2012 have already occurred in the past, and what we can expect when they repeat.
• The “hot dates” that hold the greatest threats of war, the greatest opportunities for peace, and the key to economic cycles of the future.
• Your personal time codes for the key events of business, relationships, and change in your life.
• What past cycles of climate, global warming, Earth’s protective magnetic fields, and more, mean for us today.

Ultimately, Gregg helps you make sense of the dramatic change in today’s world and guides you away from the challenges of your past. Join him to discover the great secret of our time in history and to find out what you can realistically expect as you approach December 21, 2012.