Free Will: The Illusion of Choice by Eldon Taylor

    Free Will: The Illusion of Choice

    Eldon Taylor interviewed by Greg Sherwood

    by  Eldon Taylor

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    Publisher: Hay House Inc

    Publication Date: 6/4/14

    ISBN: ZS51

    Version: Unabridged

    Length: 64 minutes

    Moving beyond old patterns, releasing the harmful influences of a conformist society, and becoming the person you want to be—why can these things be so challenging? In this fascinating conversation, Eldon Taylor talks to Greg Sherwood about the brain research showing that you have little conscious input into your choices, and how you can begin to take control anyway.

    Eldon explains the mechanisms continually at work to automatically create your reactions and decisions. Once you “wake up,” as the Buddha described, your new awareness will give you access to the dynamic means of controlling your own choices. Eldon shares a powerful new way to use affirmations to uncover your true beliefs and create the self you long to be. You'll also learn a simple 12-minute meditation that will support this journey, rewiring the way your brain processes information and increasing your cognitive ability up to 25 percent in 30 days. Wake up, take notice, and step into the true power of your mind!