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Abraham is back by popular demand!

In this unique On Demand Lecture, Esther and Jerry Hicks and the non-physical teacher, Abraham, show you how to manifest your ultimate desires and experience the truly rich and blissful life you deserve.

Whenever you attend an Abraham-Hicks seminar, the first thing you’ll notice that sets these seminars apart from all others is that the seminars are interactive on many levels. The agenda is never pre-determined, but is spontaneously created by Abraham’s response to the participants in the workshop. It is uncanny how Abraham is aware of not only the consensus of questions in the audience, but every individual question that arises in the room as the seminar progresses. The feeling of co-creative harmony is palpable when you attend an Abraham-Hicks workshop, and Jerry and Esther were delighted to discover that the same holds true of these online seminars. Abraham can feel you, wherever you are, and will answer your question even if you are not the one speaking to them directly.

Join Esther and Jerry Hicks and Abraham for these two interactive hours. It will be fun!