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Getting Past OK

A Straightforward Guide to Having a Fantastic Life
by Richard Brodie
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Getting Past OK by Richard Brodie

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Publication Date 9/1/93
ISBN 0963600109

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Brodie dropped out of Harvard to become one of the primary authors of Microsoft Word. But after several intense, stressful years, he quit his job and embarked on a three-year search for a more meaningful life.

In this book, he shares the results of his odyssey, and provides readers with a guide to discovering their individual formulas for long-term success and happiness.

About the Author


Richard Brodie is best known as the original author of Microsoft Word. His self-help book, Getting Past OK, is an international bestseller. His groundbreaking book on memes, Virus of the Mind, spent 52 weeks on the Hot 100 and is used as a text in many college courses. An accomplished speaker, Richard has appeared on dozens of television and radio shows, including The Oprah Winfrey Show..

Richard continues to pursue wide and varied interests, which he occasionally blogs about at: