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Glorious Women Never Age!
Public Television Show Taping
by Dr. Christiane Northrup

Date: 10/2/14 Sponsored by: Hay House- The show will have a start time of 7:00 PM, ending approximately at 9:30 PM. Doors will open at 6:15 PM Format: Lectures & Events Location: Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA, Boston, MA Directions: Click Here

Glorious Women Never Age!

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Meet Dr. Christiane Northrup at her new Public Television Show Taping—Glorious Women Never Age!

Doors will open at 6:15 PM
The show will have a start time of 7:00 PM, ending approximately at 9:30 PM

Do you drag yourself out of bed each morning with more aches and pains than you went to bed with?
Do you cringe when another wiry gray hair ricochets out over your bangs in full view of your bathroom mirror?
Have you discovered more mysterious clumps of weight clinging to your body and hair growing every place but where you want it?
Are you tired of hearing about all of those 80-, 90- and 100-year olds who are living vibrant and healthy lives, looking a lot younger than you and even having a better sex life?
How can we feel young, vibrant and glorious as we grow older…without experiencing all the hazards of aging?

New York Times best-selling author and today’s leading expert in women’s health and wellness Dr. Christiane Northrup has always professed that vibrant health is available to everyone at any age. Now you can see her in person and learn her cutting edge tips and secrets about women and aging during the taping of her latest public television special—Glorious Women Never Age!

Recently named one of “The 100 Most Trusted People in America,” Dr. Northrup has always been a beacon of hope, sanity and cutting-edge health information for women. She has published many groundbreaking books in women’s health including Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, Mother Daughter Wisdom and The Secret Pleasures of Menopause, and has shared her revolutionary belief that vibrant health isn’t just the absence of disease.

As Dr. Northrup defines it, “Health is being physically and emotionally able to live joyfully and in alignment with your deepest self. You have the ability to build health every day,” she says. “Just be open to new ideas.” Now, in response to thousands of requests from her readers, her Hay House radio show listeners, I Can Do It! attendees and fans from around the world, Dr. Northrup has turned her attention to the topic that everyone wants to know more about: How to avoid getting and feeling old!

In her newest public television special—Glorious Women Never Age—Dr. Northrup will share her research from astronaut studies, eldercare, the field of obstetrics and gynecology, sexuality, orthopedics and other areas, and combine them with her own clinical and life experience.  The result is: 10 Steps Every Woman Can Take on Her Journey of Getting Older – without aging.

During this new public television taping, Dr. Northrup will challenge viewers to follow their passions and dance with the force of gravity, skillfully. And she says, “That dance must include pleasure. Or it will not be sustainable.” Dr. Northrup will also urge you to follow the example of today’s active seniors in their 80s, 90s and 100s. “Healthy centenarians do not try to reach 100. They just do. They aren't into anti-aging. They’re into LIVING!”

During Dr. Northrup’s new public television special—Glorious Women Never Age—you’ll learn how:

  • Getting older is inevitable. Aging is optional.
  • Getting older need NOT be a gradual decline into dependence and dementia.
  • Most diseases are not inevitable. And, they are NOT genetic.
  • Your state of health is intimately influenced by your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs-- areas over which you have some control.
  • Eventually, you won't need to worry about so-called "healthcare.” (A recent study has pointed out that healthy centenarians do not go to doctors. Their doctors have all died!)
  • Your brain and mind are designed to continue to grow and develop for a lifetime. (Remember, the best tango dancers are the oldest, just as great musicians and conductors tend to be over 65. And they tend to live a long, long time!)

With impeccable scientific and medical credentials and more than 25 years of clinical experience as an ob-gyn physician, Dr. Northrup has given millions of women uplifting messages of hope, health and healing for their body, mind and spirit. Now she will teach you how to toss away all your worries about aging and start living in her new public television special.

See Dr. Northrup live at Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA for the taping of Glorious Women Never Age at Boston.
This is a LIVE event. No one will be allowed entry after doors close, attendees will have to stay for the duration of the event. Taping begins promptly at 7:00 PM and there will be no late seating. Doors open at 6:15 PM.
PLEASE NOTE: Please do not wear clothing with any logos. Please do not wear any hats; suggested attire is business casual.

Tickets are only $20. This event is expected to sell out, so reserve your seats now.