God Is My Publicist by Gabrielle Bernstein

    God Is My Publicist

    7 Simple Steps to Manifest Media

    by  Gabrielle Bernstein


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    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 4/18/13

    ISBN: 9781401944131

    Formerly the owner of a boutique PR firm in New York City, Gabrielle Bernstein understands the publicity game. In 2005, she shifted gears to become a self-help book author and speaker. As the primary marketer of her current business Gabrielle has landed herself some of the most sought after publicity placements in the world. In her new DVD, God Is My Publicist, Gabrielle shares her practical and spiritual tools for manifesting media for your message, in a compilation of seven instructional videos on how to create a spiritual publicity plan. Key themes include:

    Clarifying your message by creating a desire statement for your publicity plan and connecting to the service behind your brand.
    Understanding your core audience and becoming conscious of their media consumption.
    Identifying the service behind your business to heighten its value to consumers and ignite the power energy behind the brand.
    Creating a wish list using the manifestation process to target the media outlets (print, online, TV, social media) that are most applicable to your brand message and core adopters.
    Crafting your story with a five-step creative process for developing an authentic pitch story that will energetically spark media interest.
    Executing a spiritual follow-up that guides you to release all outcomes and reinforce the most important tool for manifesting media: patience.