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    God Is My Publicist Online Video Course: How to Manifest Media for Your Message

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    God Is My Publicist Online Video Course by Gabrielle Bernstein

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    In this three-part Online Video Course, PR and personal development expert and New York Times bestselling author Gabrielle Bernstein shares her practical and spiritual tools for creating a powerful publicity campaign. Join Gabrielle as she demystifies the publicity process and shows you how to infuse the spirit of intention, service and love into everything you do and create miracles when it comes to media.

    As an added bonus you will receive access to:

    • A 90 minute lecture video from Gabrielle’s God is My Publicisttalk recorded in NYC
    • A Visioning Meditation audio download

    Course Details:

    Lesson One: Clarity
    Gabrielle guides you through the process of clarifying your message by creating a ‘desire statement’ for your publicity plan. You’ll also learn how to effectively identify your core audience, become conscious of their media consumption and connect with them on a deeper level.

    Lesson Two: The Creative Process
    Use Gabrielle’s manifestation process to target your ‘wish list,’ the media outlets that are most applicable to your brand message and core audience. You’ll also be crafting your story with a five-step creative process for developing an authentic pitch story that will energetically spark media interest. This lesson incorporates Gabrielle's visioning meditations for heightening your power to attract.

    Lesson Three: Spiritual Follow-up
    Discover the process of spiritual follow-up that guides you to release all outcomes and reinforce the most important tool for manifesting media: patience. Throughout, Gabrielle shares her own stories of how she’s successfully manifested major media placements for her own business, while offering powerful tools to help anyone fulfill their wildest dreams.

    More About Gabrielle!

    Gabrielle Bernstein Formerly the owner of a boutique PR firm in New York City, Gabrielle Bernstein understands the publicity game. In 2005, she shifted gears to become a self-help book author and speaker. As the primary marketer of her current business Gabrielle has landed herself some of the most sought after publicity placements in the world.

    She’s been labeled a new role model by the New York Times Sunday Styles section. A renowned speaker, New York Times bestselling author, and founder of, she is expanding the lexicon for the seekers of tomorrow. She has been featured in leading media outlets such as Oprah Radio, Elle, Marie Claire, Health, Women’s Health, Glamour, Self, CNN, NBC, CBS, and Fox & Friends. Her works include Add More ~ing to Your Life, Spirit Junkie, MediDating and May Cause Miracles.

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    This Online Course provides all three lesson downloads and immediately upon purchase. Bonus materials are located on the lesson pages in your customer account.