Grace, Guidance, and Gifts by Sonia Choquette

    Grace, Guidance, and Gifts

    Sacred Blessings to Light Your Way

    by  Sonia Choquette

    eBooks 18.95 USD $18.95

    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 7/15/12

    ISBN: 9781401937454

    Our greatest purpose in life is to free ourselves of the limiting patterns of ego and soul that keep us chained to painful, disempowered lives so that we can fully realize the authentic and holy Spirits we are. This journey can feel overwhelming-even impossible-unless we gain access to the three sacred blessings of Spirit, made available to us from God. Without them we fail.

    These sacred blessings are God's grace, inner guidance, and personal gifts.

    Grace lifts us beyond our own ability, inner guidance leads the way, and personal gifts are both the inner and outer resources given to us to succeed at every step. It is up to us to ask for these sacred blessings, and we must do so now more than ever before. This inspiring book will show you how.

    Through the use of daily lessons, specific prayers, personal intentions, and powerful mantras, you will be showered with these blessings every day of your life. Simply open up this book and call upon your sacred blessings right now. Use it every day to keep your blessings flowing and guide your way back home.

    By Colleen on Aug 31, 2016

    I love Sonia's work. This is one of my favorite books; it helped lead me to a deeper spiritual space in preparation for a traumatic unexpected experience. This book is a great one for asking for help or guidance and just opening it up to a page and allowing that message to deliver the golden spiritual nugget. At a time when I felt alone, this reminded me of the love that exists in allowing my spirit to move and lead me. I'm grateful for this and so many other Hay House books.