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    Holy Shift! by Robert Holden, Ph.D.

    Holy Shift!

    365 Daily Meditations from A Course in Miracles

    by  Robert Holden, Ph.D.


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    Publication Date: 4/15/14

    ISBN: 9781401945107

    HolyShift!: 365 Daily Meditations from A Course in Miracles is a modern psycho-spiritual text that has inspired teachers like Marianne Williamson, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Jerry Jampolsky, Sondra Ray, and Gabrielle Bernstein.

    With more than two million copies in print, in over thirty languages, individual students and study groups study it daily around the world. Every page of A Course in Miracles offers pearls of wisdom on love and fear, forgiveness and healing, happiness and inner peace. This beautiful book, with its insightful aphorisms and delightful poetry, is perhaps the most widely quoted book on psychology and spirituality in modern times. Robert Holden has studied the daily lessons offered in A Course in Miracles for twenty years. He teaches workshops and gives talks on the Course across the world. He is a patron of the Miracle Network in the UK.

    In Holy Shift, Robert has selected 365 of his favorite passages from A Course in Miracles to serve as daily meditations throughout the year. Students who are already familiar with the Course will enjoy this portable edition of miracles, and those new to the Course will appreciate the friendly and accessible introduction. Holy Shift will help everyone to practice the universal tenets of this profound teaching and to experience a year of miracles.


    "A Course in Miracles offers me daily inspiration in my life, work, and relationships. In Holy Shift!, Robert Holden selects an inspiring mix of aphorisms, meditations, and prayers to help us to live the principles of this great work. Thank you, Robert, for this beautiful gift."
    - Marianne Williamson, New York Times best-selling author of A Return to Love and A Year of Miracles
    "As a faithful student of A Course in Miracles, I'm always seeking new ways to experience the text. In Robert Holden's new book, Holy Shift!, I've found a wonderful guide. Holden's book is infused with his passion and love for the Course. Each handpicked passage offers readers a simple and powerful framework for experiencing miraculous change. I recommend this book to anyone on a spiritual path."
    - Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times best-selling author of May Cause Miracles
    "Holy Shift! presents the heart and soul of A Course in Miracles in an easy-to-use daybook. Whether you are new to A Course in Miracles or a long-term student, Holy Shift! is a perfect companion. We recommend that this book sits next to everybody's copy of the Course."
    - Gerald Jampolsky M.D., and Diane Cirincione Ph.D., authors of A Mini Course for Life
    "As a long-time Course in Miracles groupie, I can hardly believe I managed to miss this wise, profound teacher of my favorite book. Holy Shift! provides the crib notes for anyone daunted by the Course's 1,200 pages. Thank you, Robert Holden, for what's sure to introduce a whole new cast of characters to the light, and the love, and the glory." 
    - Pam Grout, New York Times best-selling author of E-Squared

    "The gift of a lifetime is contained here! The wisdom, poetry, and love imbued in Holy Shift! will bless and heal your life. Robert Holden, a true teacher of the path with heart, presents some of the most inspiring passages of A Course in Miracles in a clear, touching, and easy-to-receive way. Thank you, Robert, for opening the door to a better life for all of us."
    - Alan Cohen, author of A Daily Dose of Sanity
    "Holy Shift! is a wonderful compilation of excerpts from the Course that will keep miracle-minded thinking at the front of your awareness. Robert Holden has done a very impressive job
    of arranging the book in such a way that will encourage more people to practice the essential principles of this spiritual masterpiece. I highly recommend this marvelous book!"
    - Gary Renard, best-selling author of The Disappearance of the Universe trilogy
    "I once thought that miracles were reserved for saints and looked something like the stigmata. Holy Shift! reminded me that miracles are far more ordinary. A miracle is an inconspicuous moment, an inner triumph, when we choose to release fear, when we forgive, and when we dare to return again to love. My copy of Holy Shift! will have love-worn traces of how often I have read it. It's a daily reminder of our most crucial purpose to cultivate our capacity to love."
    - Meggan Watterson, author of Reveal

    "Robert Holden has taken the essence and power of A Course in Miracles and made it beautifully accessible in Holy Shift! This book allows us to practice the core principles of the Course and serves as a great reminder of the power of love in our daily lives."
    - Mike Robbins, author of Nothing Changes Until You Do
     "Whether you are new to A Course in Miracles or a long-time student, this book will guide you, day by day, to the very essence and heart of the Course. Robert is a wonderful exponent of ACIM, and this is his latest valuable contribution."
    - Ian Patrick, Miracle Network, London
    "In Holy Shift! Robert has done a fabulous job of skillfully distilling and sharing the heart of A Course in Miracles for us in a most beautiful way. Please read, be inspired, and remember who you are and why you are here."
    - Nick Williams, author of The Work We Were Born to Do
    "A Course in Miracles is a wellspring of Truth that never runs dry. Robert Holden's book, Holy Shift!, is a communion of 365 sips from the chalice of this immaculate living well. Welcome to your Holy Shift!"
    - Sondra Ray and Markus Ray, www.liberationbreathing.com
     "Holy Shift! is a wonderful book. Robert Holden takes what I consider the best spiritual, philosophical, and psychological book in the world and makes it easy and accessible for beginners and veterans alike. I love this man! I love this book!"
    - Chuck Spezzano, author of If It Hurts, It Isn't Love

    By Kerri on Sep 08, 2016

    On October 21, 1965 Jesus spoke to Helen Schucman, Ph.D.: "This is a course in miracles, please take notes." I don't know about you, but if Jesus spoke to me, I'd be writing it down, recording it, and tattooing it on my entire body. Helen, being of a more rational mind than myself, opted to write it down with the help of her friend and colleague William Thetford, Ph.D. Thus A Course In Miracles was born. Whether it is a lecture, a book reference, or a familiar quote, A Course In Miracles (ACIM) has been brought more and more into my awareness as I continue on my spiritual quest. This course offers spiritual transformation! However, the thought of reading a 1,200 page book seemed daunting at best, so I kept on listening to the lectures, the references, and the quotes (I'm not lazy mind you, I just thought my brain might explode). What a glorious day it was when I found out Dr. Robert Holden, Ph.D. was putting together a book of daily meditations called Holy Shift!, based on A Course In Miracles! Now I could learn from the brilliant author of Happiness NOW!, Shift Happens!, Authentic Success, Be Happy, and Loveability. I had the pleasure of listening to one of his lectures at an I Can Do It! event last year, and am an avid listener to his weekly show on Hay House Radio. His messages are so on point, insightful, relevant, and transforming. He has studied ACIM for over 20 years, and his poignant and inspirational messages make him the perfect source to learn about the Course. Dr. Holden has put together 365 of the most beautiful selections from ACIM to meditate on daily. In Holy Shift! you will be transformed through poetry, prayer, and meditation. This is a beautiful daily meditation guide. For the purpose of this review, I read the entire book. So many times I would be reading a page and 'Wow!' 'Brilliant!' 'Amazing!' would just fly out of my mouth. I couldn't help myself. There was such beauty, joy, and release in this book. It reminds us that we are truly love, we are never alone, we are as pure as we were created- we just need to remember. It also is a reminder that we are all one, we are free when we forgive, and what we see in the other is just a reflection of ourselves. It is illusion shattering, ego releasing, uplifting, and miracle producing. While I read the book in its entirety, I also took the day's message and sat there with it. I wanted to experience the daily meditation as well. I read it several times, mostly aloud as a prayer. I asked God to help me absorb and fully understand the message that He wanted me to know from this meditation. I set my iPhone alarm to twenty minutes, closed my eyes, and meditated. This was the first time I was able to meditate without music, a mantra, or a meditation CD. I focused on my breathing, relished in the day's message, and was silent. Do miracles occur from reading Holy Shift!? They sure do! As I continue with the daily meditations, I can feel the shift. I don't need a bucket of money to fall out of the sky for me to witness a miracle (although I would not turn from it, should it decide to!). There are miracles in every moment, and this book allows you to notice them. Isn't it a miracle to feel peace, love for yourself and others, a gentle letting go of past and future towards living just in the present moment? There is a calm and joy that comes from learning that God loves us just as we are, that we are a part of Him, and we are never alone. For me, I feel less fear and I dwell less. I also feel an ease in taking care of the house that holds my soul, which I have not felt before. This translates to a gentle desire to walk. Since starting the book, I have walked 3 miles a day. Exercise was a chore in the past, along with a scolding for not taking better care of myself. Now it feels like second nature, as if I'm not trying at all. I'm really not trying, it's just happening. No more scolding, I accept and love myself as I am right now. My appetite has changed, again, very naturally. I had a nudging to finally start my gratitude journal, and I have added synchronities and miracle observations that are now part of my awareness. It is all so easy, no pressure, just flowing. I also feel calmer and more loving towards others and myself. What I love about this book, is I have a daily reminder and lesson to keep me on this path. It will always be with me. I highly recommend Holy Shift!, whether you are new to ACIM or continuing on your journey. There are some books that exude power and this is one of them. You can feel it just by holding it in your hands. Every day you will learn more about yourself, the world that you have created, and the power of God within you. The biggest miracle is you will get to really know you- and you will be amazed at how beautiful you really are. Bless you Dr. Robert Holden, Ph.D. for this exquisite book.