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    How To Ruin Your Love Life

    by Ben Stein
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    How To Ruin Your Love Life by Ben Stein

    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 8/1/03

    ISBN: 9781401902407

    Product Description

    A good love relationship isn't really that important. In fact, it uses up a lot of time you could spend thinking about yourself . . . and doing things all alone or with your drunken, loser friends. That's why Ben Stein has written How to Ruin Your Love Life. Following up on the wild success of his pioneering do-the-opposite-of-what-I-say; self-help book, How to Ruin Your Life, he now brings you, in 35 easy-to-follow-steps, ways to definitively and absolutely . . . ruin your love life. Learn from this book; and for heaven's sake, do the opposite right now!

    About the Author


    Ben Stein, a nationally renowned “Renaissance man,” hosted the long-running quiz show Win Ben Stein’s Money. He is a former White House speechwriter, Wall Street Journal and American Spectator columnist, trial lawyer, law school professor, scriptwriter, and novelist—and author of several self-help books on finance. He has seen the biggest (Richard Nixon) and the most famous (many Hollywood stars) ruin their lives. He has also seen how some seemingly ordinary people made something great of their lives—by doing the opposite of what he sees as ruinous acts and modes of thought. He lectures nationally on finance, politics, and how to improve one’s life.