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Hungry: The Truth About Being Full
Dr. Robin L. Smith - On Demand

Date: 2/25/13 - 12/31/20 Sponsored by: Hay House Format: On Demand Downloads Location: Internet, Hay House Radio

Hungry: The Truth About Being Full

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Hungry: The Truth About Being Full

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“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
Anais Nin

Our entire life is spent in search of our true and authentic self, the person we were born to be, the divine creation not made with human hands, but crafted and created in the dark and light cracks and crevices, the highways and byways of the womb of God where we are birthed into what we call humanity: the blessing and burden, the gift and grief, grace and grievances of being fully human.

Hungry: The Truth About Being Full isn’t about the hunger for food, but the craving to reclaim and embrace our true identity. It’s not about making a plan or signing up for a program to change our lives or relationships. It is about signing up to be a witness to our own lives and journeys, as the main character in our own stories where we embrace life and our unique path with all of our quirks, idiosyncrasies, fragility and resilience. Hungry is about learning how to live the only life we can live with integrity, inspiration, liberation, grace, compassion and power – our own.

This Online Event will help you:
• Recognize the identity theft in your own life.
• Honor, address and take seriously your hunger pains in order to build and construct the life worthy of you.
• Reconnect, or perhaps connect for the first time, with the real you who was lost when life, circumstances, deaths, losses, betrayals, infidelity, infertility, unemployment, under-employment, poverty in finances or romance, or perhaps even abundance that warmed one area of your life but left you frostbitten in other vital areas and annihilated the real you.
• Live in true and authentic fullness of what it means to love the skin you’re in, and to unapologetically recognize and attend to your hunger by reclaiming the power of an unconquered identity. Authenticity is the one sure ingredient in harnessing inner peace.

Dr. Robin will assist you in promoting wholeness, hope and liberation from shame and blame. It invites compassion for self and others wrapped with tenderness and gentle accountability. Dr. Robin believes that beating oneself up never leads to lasting change and transformation, but that kindness and gentleness allows a person to see the parts of themselves that need care, love and attention. Self-compassion is the beginning of true liberation, understanding and transformation.

Partner with the winds of truth and find the courage to sing a new song in your heart and soul as you make the inward journey in search of your authentic self. This is a trip that matters, one worth taking. It will help you find the force within that is far greater than all the forces bombarding you from without.

The Hungry litany might begin:
• I’m hungry for real love—not crumbs I try to call a meal.
• I’m hungry for relationships where respect is the cornerstone of the connection.
• I’m hungry to be in relationships that don’t require me to dim my bright light in order to be offered a seat at the table.
• I’m hungry to have my gift and talents truly appreciated by those I work with.
• I’m hungry to not need to dumb myself down so that others feel smart.
• I’m hungry to be beautiful and sexy and not a Barbie doll for a man.
• I’m hungry to have a partner who doesn’t feel like a predator.
• I’m hungry for passion and great sex that is worthy of my mind, body, and spirit.
• I’m hungry to not have to play small when my spirit and dreams are big.
• I’m hungry to be brave and not let fear drive my life. I’m hungry for an undivided self, soul, life, love, and relationship.
• I'm hungry to know I am loved and am irrevocably a child of God.
• I’m hungry to be me.

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