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I Can Do It! 2014 - Austin - Sunday Only Pass

Date: June 08, 2014 Sponsored by: Hay House Format: Lectures & Events Location: Bass Concert Hall, Austin, TX Directions: Click Here $150.00

I Can Do It! 2014 - Austin - Sunday Only Pass

Event Description

Register Early and Save $15
Early Bird Pricing: Before-3/10/14, You Pay $135 - After-3/10/14, You Pay $150
Join us for a weekend retreat in Austin, developed by Louise Hay to help heal your life! Unveil the true you, unleash your divine greatness, and learn how to make the best choices for your mind, body and spirit! Awaken to new possibilities and create a life you love!

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about:

• how your choices (from the food you eat to the thoughts you think) affect your body and soul
• how to unleash that divine greatness within
• how others have overcome tremendous obstacles to share their best with the world
Then we’ve got a 2-Day Weekend Retreat for you!

Join us in Austin to awaken your mind, body and soul to create a life you’ll love, with some of the most inspiring, thought provoking authors of our time! Beginning with making wishes come true and traversing the trials of life and finally peaking with a full healing of body and mind, you are sure to take away a fresh outlook and plan for a better life! The first step begins with saying yes to you!

Buy tickets to I Can Do It!® 2014 Austin before 5/7/2014 and also receive:

Register for The full 2-day weekend, and also receive the following FREE gift,

Be Happy! Release the Power of Happiness in YOU

An Instant Audio Download, written and narrated by Robert Holden, PhD.

"Happiness is a spiritual path. The more you learn about true happiness, the more you discover the truth of who you are, what is important, and what your life is for."

Be Happy! is the follow-up to Robert Holden's best-selling Happiness NOW! In this audio download, Robert gives you a front-row seat on his 8-week happiness program-famously tested by independent scientists for the BBC-TV documentary called How to Be Happy. Step-by-step he introduces you to a set of proven techniques, principles, meditations, and insights that will help you be happy now!

(Bonus Offer Extended until 5/7/2014. Free Gift will be automatically added to shopping cart with purchase of Full Conference, Saturday Only, or Sunday Only pass.)

PLUS! Buy tickets to Doreen Virtue's Monday Workshop before 5/7/2014 and also receive:

Register for Doreen Virtue's Certified Angel Card Reader Course, and also receive the following FREE gift,

Messages from Your Angels

A Channelled Audiobook

What Your Angels Want You to Know! The angels, including Archangel Michael, provide healing messages that will help you discover your life's purpose, understand your romantic relationships, heal from emotional pain, and make crucial life decisions. This is a channelled audio book that contains uplifting and fresh information from the angelic realm.

(Bonus Offer Extended until 5/7/2014. Free Gift will be automatically added to shopping cart with purchase of Doreen's Monday Workshop.)

I Can Do It! 2014 Austin - Sunday Only Conference Schedule

9:00 am - 10:30 am
Healing Help and Guidance from Your Angels
Join Doreen for an uplifting and enlightening morning as she shares her angel messages from her latest books, The Miracles of Archangel Gabriel and Assertiveness for Earth Angels,and how angels are watching over all of us. She’ll guide you through Angel Therapy™ healing treat¬ments to balance and soothe you physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

10:30 am - 11:00 am BREAK

11:00 am - 12:00 pm

 Loveability: To Know How to Love and Be Loved
“Your destiny is not just to find love; it is to be the most loving person you can be,” writes Robert Holden in Loveability. The simple maths of love is: the more you love, the more you enjoy happiness, success, abundance, health and all good things in life. Conversely, not loving enough is the root cause of every problem and conflict in your life and on our planet. In this talk Robert shares key themes and principles from his 3-day program called Loveability.
They include: 1) the truth about Self-Love; 2) undoing the basic fear; 3) releasing blocks to love; 4) the miracle of forgiveness; and 5) why love really is the only sane and satisfactory answer to human existence.
Robert Holden Ph.D. is the creator of a 3-day program on love called Loveability. His work has been featured on Oprah, Good Morning America, a PBS special called Shift Happens! and two major BBC documentaries. He works as a coach to leaders of organizations like Dove & The Real Beauty Campaign, Virgin, and The Body Shop. He’s the author of Happiness NOW!, Authentic Success (formerly titled Success Intelligence), Shift Happens!, Be Happy and Loveability. His latest book is Holy Shift!: 365 Meditations from A Course in Miracles. Robert contributes daily to his Facebook Page at drrobertholden. He also hosts a weekly show for Hay House Radio called Shift Happens!

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm LUNCH ON YOUR OWN

1:30 pm - 1:50 pm
Make Your Own Rules: How to Achieve Your Most Radiant Self from the Inside Out
Who made the rules that govern our lives and why are we following them? When you put yourself in the position of a follower, you’re at the back of a long line, waiting for a golden ticket that is bound to be counterfeit. And let’s not ignore the rules we place on ourselves. Our own rules are the most restrictive. We build walls, form bubbles, and make rules that hold us back from living healthy, happy and radiant lives. When we block ourselves with pressures and judgments, our desires don’t just fade away, they morph into tension globs, and linger somewhere unwanted. Agitation surrounds us and soaks its way into our skin, making it comfortable, while making us incredibly uncomfortable. Getting sensitized is the practice and the secret root to making your own rules. When you are sensitized, you are living in feeling mode, instead of thinking and worrying mode. With practice, you’ll begin to muster the courage to believe in, and respond to what you feel. You get what you practice, so you might as well practice something that leads you directly to the greatness that exists right inside, waiting to be discovered.

1:50 pm - 2:50 pm
Many Lives, Many Masters: Finding New Levels of Healing
In this fascinating experiential workshop, the world’s foremost expert in past-life regression, Dr. Brian Weiss, introduces you to a unique way of healing. By going back through time to remember past events that led to the symptoms or difficulties you’re experiencing today, he teaches you the latest in hypnotic therapy to find a new level of healing for your body, mind, spirit, and relationships. Dr. Weiss covers all of the benefits of regression therapy and offers his cutting-edge exercises that can foster your physical and emotional health, opening you up to spiritual vistas that can endow your life with new and profound meaning.

2:50 pm - 3:30 pm
From Surviving to Thriving: Creating a Crazy Sexy Life

"Happy Valentines Day, you have cancer.” Kris Carr got the wakeup call of her life in 2003 when she learned she had an incurable stage IV cancer. With no traditional treatment options to fall back on, Kris became both an advocate for herself and a voracious student of mind/body medicine. She embarked on a healing adventure that not only transformed her life, it created a global wellness revolution. In this talk, Kris will share her inspiring personal story and give you essential self-care strategies to radically improve your total well-being. Each of us receives some sort of a wake-up call. Answer yours today and let your obstacle become your catalyst for a healthier and more meaningful life.

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm BREAK

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Are you ready to work miracles?

New York Times best-selling author, Gabrielle Bernstein, believes that simple, consistent shifts in thinking and actions can lead to the miraculous in all aspects of daily life, including your relationships, finances, body, and self-image. In this inspiring talk, Gabrielle offers an exciting plan for releasing fear and allowing gratitude, forgiveness, and love to flow through you without fail—all of which ultimately leads to a breathtaking life of abundance, acceptance, appreciation, and happiness. Gabrielle combines Kundalini meditations with the principles of A Course in Miracles for a fun talk with practical applications and useful take-home tools.

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
The Spirit Whisperer: Messages from the Other Side
Do you yearn to hear from a family member or close friend who recently passed? Do you have what it takes to communicate with them? In this amazing lecture, you'll meet one of the top communicators with the Spirit World—psychic medium John Holland, who will not only bring you messages from your deceased loved ones, but will show you how to discover your own innate intuitive abilities and fine-tune your connection to the Other Side. You'll learn the different forms of communication and signs that your loved ones are sending to you and you’ll also discover your own psychic strengths. Plus, John will include astounding demonstrations of live readings with messages for some of the audience members.


Hotel Accommodations
Hotel accommodations are not included in the price of the conference registration.
Omni Austin Hotel Downtown - $239/ Night
Guests can either call the 1-800-THE-OMNI (1-800-843-6664) and mention "Hay House I Can Do It!" rate or  Click Here to register!

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