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    Inner Peace for Busy People

    Music To Relax and Renew
    by Joan Z. Borysenko, Ph.D. , Don Campbell
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    Inner Peace for Busy People by Joan Z. Borysenko, Ph.D.

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    Publisher Spring Hill Music
    Publication Date 7/1/07
    ISBN 1-891319-61-2

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    Let's face it: in the crazy, busy modern world sometimes we all feel like a slave to the phone, emails, faxes, piles of snail mail, to-do lists, congested traffic, and countless other demands for time and attention. That's why New York Times best selling author Joan Borysenko wrote her book Inner Peace for Busy People and created this beautiful accompanying album with Don Campbell, the leading authority on the transformational power of music and best selling author of The Mozart Effect. Together Joan and Don have brought together a collection of some of the most relaxing and renewing music ever written.

    Experienced listeners and classical novices alike will enjoy this lovely recording. As Don writes in the informative liner notes "Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart and the many others on this album have given us a magical pathway to open air, placid lakes and memories of the great spirit that shifts, heals, and lifts..." And they can provide the perfect antidote to our stressful modern lives!

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    How did a Harvard trained medical scientist become a mystic? In reality, it was the other way around. At the age of 10, Joan experienced 6 months of an alternate reality, what modern psychiatry would label psychosis and obsessive compulsive disorder. One day, while praying fervently for help, all fear and confusion parted to reveal a luminous reality of exquisite love, surpassing peace, and practical wisdom that guided her to an almost instantaneous recovery. Her journey to hell and back birthed a lifelong fascination with healing, the roots of consciousness, and the realm of Spirit. Weaving together biology, psychology, and spirituality in a credible, accessible way is her soul's purpose.

    Joan's doctorate is from the Harvard Medical School where she subsequently completed postdoctoral fellowships in cancer cell biology, psychoneuroimmunology, and behavioral medicine. In 1987, her New Times bestseller, Minding the Body, Mending the Mind (revised in 2007 for its 20 year anniversary edition) described the program of mental and physical healing that she and her colleagues pioneered at a leading Boston hospital. She has authored or co-authored a dozen other books about healing, inner peace, and the spiritual journey, along with numerous audio programs and guided meditation CD's. Joan is also a licensed psychologist, a journalist, a renowned inspirational speaker, and a television personality.

    Her lifelong interest in mysticism and the world's religions culminated in co-founding The Claritas (Latin for clarity and illumination) Institute for Interspiritual Inquiry with her husband, organizational psychologist Gordon Dveirin, Ed.D. The Institute has programs to train spiritual mentors, offers spiritual guidance to individuals and corporations, and hosts seminars and retreats. Joan and Gordon's new book, Your Soul's Compass: What is Spiritual Guidance? reveals how we can co-operate with the living field of possibilities to align with the emerging good in any situation. You can access Joan's teaching schedule and sign up for her free newsletter at

    About the Author


    Don Campbell is a recognized authority on the transformative power of music, listening, and The Mozart Effect®
    In Campbell's unique view, music is not only a rich and rewarding aesthetic experience but an easily accessible bridge to a more creative, intelligent, healthy, and joy-filled life. His singular mission is to help return music to its central place in the modern world as a resource for growth, development, health, and celebration.