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    Integrative Wellness Rules

    A Simple Guide to Healthy Living
    by Dr Jim Nicolai
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    Integrative Wellness Rules by Dr Jim Nicolai

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    Publisher Hay House
    Publication Date 11/26/13
    ISBN 9781401940492

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    Have you ever found that you needed to change things in your life, but for some reason life kept getting in the way? Integrative Wellness Rules will help you get around that obstacle. In the age of conflicting advice on health, this book provides quick and easy health tips for individuals who are on the run but still need strategies to better manage their fast-paced lives. Join Dr Jim Nicolai, the medical director of the Andrew Weil, MD, Integrative Wellness Program at Miraval Spa and Resort, as he shares with you the insights and strategies he has collected along the way to optimise health and create wellness. With a style that is clear, concise and entertaining, Dr Jim will provide you with the keys to healthier living in a way that is profoundly simple and yet simply profound. He will teach you how to eat better, choose the vitamins and supplements that are best for you, manage stress more effectively and get in touch with your spiritual side. Dr Jim will call you to action with his pearls of wit, wisdom and humour, and motivate you by providing real-world clarity on which health strategies to add within your already busy life.

    About the Author


    James P. Nicolai, MD, is the Medical Director of the Andrew Weil, MD Integrative Wellness Program at Miraval, the first interactive, integrative wellness programme of its kind at a destination spa resort. He is a board-certified family practitioner and a graduate of the Integrative Medicine Fellowship at the University of Arizona in Tucson, under the direction of Dr Andrew Weil. Dr Nicolai's expertise is in combining conventional medicine with the intelligent use of complementary and alternative therapies, including herbs and other botanicals, vitamins and supplements, nutritional counselling, lifestyle management and stress reduction.