Journal of Inner Dialogue by Caroline Myss

    Journal of Inner Dialogue

    by  Caroline Myss

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    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 5/1/03

    ISBN: 9781401902087

    In her books and workshops, Caroline Myss urges her followers to look deep inside themselves by answering the many questions she presents for self-exploration. Like archaeologists of the soul, we need to excavate our hidden depths to unearth the shards of the spirit, and then reassemble those fragments into a whole self. Now Caroline’s Journal of Inner Dialogue offers you the perfect tool with which to keep track of the answers to those questions. It allows you to return and examine your original answers, learn from them, and then move on to uncover the next layer of truth.

    The journal is conveniently divided into sections devoted to her most popular concepts: Sacred Contracts, Archetypes, and the Chakras. Brief introductions explain each concept and then give you specially prepared forms on which to record information about the people with whom you have contracts; to answer questions to determine your 12 archetypes and to help you learn more about the function of the 7 chakras; and blank Archetypal Wheels on which to cast your charts.

    This is an expandable journal, which will allow you to add to or modify it in anyway in the future. The journal is the ideal way to work with any of Caroline’s books, tapes, or workshops.
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