Journey to Infinity by davidji

    Journey to Infinity

    Music, Mantras & Meditations

    by  davidji

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    Publication Date: 7/31/14

    ISBN: 0779

    Journey to Infinity is a powerful, meditation tool designed to shift your life from where you are to where you want to be. Each of the 16 tracks guides you to awaken your deepest potential, stay motivated, cope with change, move through blockages, heal your emotional wounds, and find stability after the shift.

    Through powerful, guided meditations, nourishing music, and mind soothing binaural beats you will release what no longer serves you and step into your power.

    Journey to Infinity is the first album in history to feature a guided personal exploration of the universal elements of nature in a musical context designed to calm the mind by physically transforming the structure of the brain and awakening the healing power of the listener.

    Based on the 5000-year-old, Indian healing system known as Ayurveda, each of the tracks has been engineered to induce deep relaxation and body-mind balance through a fusion of soothing spoken word, lush vocals, eclectic arrangements, natural healing sounds, and ethnically diverse music. Journey to Infinity navigates the listener progressively through a journey of the Five Master Elements of Ayurveda (known in Sanskrit as the pancha mahabhutas) – and awakens the intention of each element: space – infinite possibilities; air – change & movement; fire – transformation & evolution; water – nourishment & healing; earth – structure & stability.

    Journey to Infinity is a 2-CD collection with 16 tracks spanning 100 minutes and can be enjoyed as either a seamless 100-minute transformational experience, or by selecting individual tracks to use as guided meditations, emotional healing visualizations, daily empowerment tools, or as the perfect ending to a yoga class.

    SacredFire is MJ Vermette & Dean Richards — international sound healing artists, musicians, producers & creators of rebalancing music medicine for the body, heart & soul. Their unique approach combines intuitive, ecstatic vocals & drumming, guided meditation, and shamanic sound healing techniques to help bring a sense of deep peace & connect us with our inner wisdom. Their first CD Rising transformed the sound & music healing community.

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