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Knowledge from Abraham
Esther and Jerry Hicks - On Demand Lecture

Date: 2/19/09 - 12/31/20 Sponsored by: Hay House Format: On Demand Downloads Location: Internet, Hay House Radio $20.00

Knowledge from Abraham

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Spend two hours with Abraham!

Join Esther and Jerry Hicks and the non-physical consciousness Abraham to learn how to manifest your desires and live the joyous and fulfilling life you deserve.

Whether you want to improve your relationships, health, finances, career, or just long to feel more at peace, Abraham’s insights will show you how to live a life filled with everything that is good. Learn the many Universal Laws that govern your reality and how you can use them to deliberately create all of your experiences. Abraham teaches you what emotions are and how to effectively utilize your new awareness of them.

The full two hours of this On Demand Lecture will be devoted to answering questions from all over the world. With Abraham’s insights into real-life issues, you’ll achieve greater understanding of your personal value and be able to open the doors to whatever you may wish to be, do, or have.