Laying New Pipes by Esther Hicks

    Laying New Pipes

    Cancún 2013 - 2 DVDs

    by  Esther Hicks

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    Publisher: Hay House Inc

    Publication Date: 5/31/14

    ISBN: 9781401946456

    Esther Hicks presents the latest in her series of inspirational workshops, covering the spiritual topics that matter most. Cancún was the first-ever Abraham-Hicks 'land cruise' - an experiment in fun that far exceeded expectations. Cancún is also where Abraham introduced the brand-new analogy of 'clogged pipes' as representing old, recurring life issues.

    'We invite you to reawaken to that wholeness which is you.'

    Topics include: Subjective versus objective reality • Ten-year-old gave her a wake-up call • Love at first sight • Others' opinions have no bearing • Past beliefs are hindering her now • Depression/bipolar/suicide expert to speak to young girls • Spirit guides • What happens during an orgasm energetically? • Messages from the other side • Wants to appreciate food - before, during and after • Using recreational drugs to feel good • Wants opinions of others to not matter • How to raise vibration when quarreling with lover • Does Esther have plans for helping teenagers? • Her son has chosen to exclude his family • He grows and prepares wonderful healthy food • What is the difference between channeling and alignment? • Does alcohol make you a less deliberate focuser? • Gave up smoking, now wants same with job • Wants to lead business from an Abraham perspective • Can he find alignment, causing hair to return? • Are we born with personalities of our choosing? • Introversion, momentum and meditation ... and many more
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