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Learn to Trust Your Vibes and Awaken Your Intuitive Gifts
Sonia Choquette - On Demand Lecture

Date: 2/21/08 - 12/31/20 Sponsored by: Hay House Format: On Demand Downloads Location: Internet, Hay House Radio $10.00

Learn to Trust Your Vibes and Awaken Your Intuitive Gifts

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Event Description

Intuition is the natural sixth sense bestowed upon everyone, without exception. Your intuition is always available to help you in all areas of your life. You just have to connect with it.

In this amazing On Demand Lecture, internationally renowned spiritual teacher Sonia Choquette will personally teach you how to develop your intuition so that you can experience a more meaningful, joyful, and balanced life. We all have to work to develop our psychic muscles so we can enjoy the magic of our intuitive gifts. In addition to showing you how to connect with your vibes, Sonia will lead you through some of her special Psychic Sit Up exercises to help you fine-tune your sixth sense to keep your psychic muscles strong!

During these two hours, you will learn:
• How to awaken your intuitive awareness
• Creative approaches to acknowledging and expressing your six sensory feelings
• How to cultivate habits that support your connection with the Divine
• What it feels like to know your sixth sense is working
• And, much more!

Sonia will also explain how to bring your family into your intuitive life, using principles from her book, Intuitive Spark. How can you help your children thrive and prosper? How can you ensure that your loved ones won’t become unhappy and frustrated? Sonia helps you discover how to bring intuition into your family life. As Sonia says, “Connecting to our intuition unites us with both our soul and the soul of the Universe, Divine Spirit. It takes away our fearful sense of isolation and inadequacy. It replaces fear with a sense of spiritual direction and safety. The world becomes friendly, nonadversarial, and welcoming. Life becomes joyful, amusing, generous, and abundant. This is the Divine plan.”

With the help of this On Demand Lecture, you will be on your way to an intuitive life—one of confidence, inner peace, and creative expression. What better gift to give yourself?