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Doreen Virtue 2014 Tour Doreen Virtue 2014 Tour
January 01 - October 24 2014
Featuring Doreen Virtue

Spend an exhilarating and empowering day with Doreen as she helps you listen to your angels! Learn to tune in and hear the angels’ messages of guidance, love, and healing available to you every day!

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Gregg Braden 2014 Tour Gregg Braden 2014 Tour
January 01 - October 24 2014
Featuring Gregg Braden
In this fast-paced, multi-media seminar for his 2014 "I Can Do It! 2014 tour," bestselling author and visionary scientist, Gregg Braden, goes beyond mainstream thinking to identify the converging cycles of climate, war, peak energy and peak debt triggering the dramatic changes in our lives.

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Reid Tracy 2014 Tour Reid Tracy 2014 Tour
January 01 - October 24 2014
Featuring Reid Tracy
Join Hay House President/CEO Reid Tracy get the inside information about publishing your book that you've always wanted to know.

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Dr. Wayne W. Dyer 2014 Tour Dr. Wayne W. Dyer 2014 Tour
I Can See Clearly Now: Seeing Obstacles as Divine Gifts
January 25 - October 26 2014
Dr. Dyer, in this candid discussion, offers the key to those on the path to enlightenment! If you are struggling to find your true purpose, or unable to see your path clearly, gain insight from one of the most motivational spiritual leaders of our time.

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Caroline Myss 2014 Tour Caroline Myss 2014 Tour
February 01 - October 24 2014
Featuring Caroline Myss
The journey that is life is a weave of a given set of experiences that continually repeat themselves all of our lives. Like the inevitability of birth, death, loss and replenishment, the fabric of life itself is governed by a given structure of archetypal experiences that influence each of us. Though these experiences express themselves uniquely within the context of our individual lives, every person inevitably confronts the archetypal experience of death and rebirth, for example, and lives through the myth of the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

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Become a Certified Angel Card Reader™ Course Tour Become a Certified Angel Card Reader™ Course Tour
with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine
February 03 - December 31 2014

In this entertaining and enlightening one-day seminar, Doreen Virtue (the best-selling author of 24 oracle card decks) will guide you through the symbology and art of using angel oracle cards. Joining Doreen will be Radleigh Valentine, the co-author of the best-selling Angel Tarot Cards.

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Cheryl Richardson 2014 Tour Cheryl Richardson 2014 Tour
March 02 - June 21 2014
Join Cheryl for a variety of exciting events. Listen to her and Louise Hay talk about their new book, You Can Create an Exceptional Life. Join aspiring writers who are ready to learn everything they need to know to publish a book. Or, become a successful Mover & Shaker by learning the specific strategies that will help you build an international audience for your work.

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Brian L. Weiss, M.D. 2014 Tour Brian L. Weiss, M.D. 2014 Tour
Many Lives, Many Masters: Experiencing Your Past Lives
March 08 - October 24 2014
Join Brian Weiss as he opens unexpected doors into the astonishing realm of past-life regression, while he guides participants through the process, step by step!

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Robert Holden 2014 Tour Robert Holden 2014 Tour
March 15 - June 08 2014
Join Robert Holden for an inspiring inquiry into personal alchemy, inner transformation and new beginnings.

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GIRLS Rule @ ICDI 2014 GIRLS Rule @ ICDI 2014
with Vicki Savini & Stephanie Liberty
March 28 - October 26 2014
Hay House proudly announces the GIRLS Rule Program @ICDI 2014. The GIRLS Rule program was developed by Vicki Savini & Stephanie Liberty five years ago to empower young girls to believe in themselves and speak their truth.

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