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Gregg Braden 2014 Tour Gregg Braden 2014 Tour
10/24/14 - 10/26/14
Featuring Gregg Braden
In this fast-paced, multi-media seminar for his 2014 "I Can Do It! 2014 tour," bestselling author and visionary scientist, Gregg Braden, goes beyond mainstream thinking to identify the converging cycles of climate, war, peak energy and peak debt triggering the dramatic changes in our lives.

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Robert Holden 2014 Tour Robert Holden 2014 Tour
10/29/14 - 11/2/14
Join Robert Holden for an inspiring inquiry into personal alchemy, inner transformation and new beginnings.

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The Writer's Workshop Tour The Writer's Workshop Tour
1/1/15 - 12/31/15
This could be YOUR chance to secure a $10,000 advance, publish a book with Hay House and become a New York Times best-selling author!

PLUS!You’ll get the insider information about publishing your book that you've always wanted to know.

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I AM LIGHT: Discovering and Living From Your Impersonal Self I AM LIGHT: Discovering and Living From Your Impersonal Self
Join Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Immaculee Ilibagiza, Anita Moorjani and Scarlett Lewis in Maui
1/24/15 - 1/25/15
Join Wayne on Maui for his all-new intimate weekend event on I AM LIGHT: Discovering and Living From Your Impersonal Self. This seminar is being offered to assist you in fulfilling your one true purpose for being here in the first place. Those burning desires that you know and feel have nothing to do with your ego/personality. Your five senses cannot create a desire, to your personality, they are a conundrum because they cannot be seen, heard, smelt or even touched. YOU ARE LIGHT, come join us here and Maui and allow yourself to experience your true essence as a divine spark of the divine.

Wayne is very excited to have three very special guest speakers join him for this Maui event—Hay House authorsImmaculée Ilibagiza, Anita Moorjani and Scarlett Lewis.

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