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    Lightening the Mother Load: Healing Strategies for Daughters

    Three-Lesson Online Course with Dr. Christiane Northrup
    by Christiane Northrup, M.D.

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    Lightening the Mother Load: Healing Strategies for Daughters by Christiane Northrup, M.D.

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    At those critical moments in your life—like when you go off to college, have your first home, marry or divorce, have a baby, or enjoy real success in business—you look back at your mother like a kid standing at the end of a diving board. “Watch me, Mom. Watch me!" Because your life started within her, it is her attention you want. You turn to her for validation and strength.

    When mothers and daughters have a good relationship, a daughter feels safe turning to her mom if she is scared and needs encouragement. But when the relationship is poor, it reinforces a cycle of pain and disappointment. When a daughter is denied her mother’s support, it can damage her self-esteem and leave her with a crippling sense of emptiness and guilt.

    A mother’s love is the most powerful and fierce force in the world. This love—or lack thereof—is also the blueprint that creates a daughter’s health and belief system for her lifetime. To help you navigate and update this precious connection, Dr. Northrup is offering an online course called Lightening the Mother Load: Healing Strategies for Daughters.

    Is it time for you to rediscover, celebrate, or heal the mother-daughter bond in your life?

    Ask yourself:
    • Does your mother criticize your choices or make you feel inadequate in some way?
    • Do you adore your mother but find that spending time with her is tiring or unfulfilling?
    • Do you worry that you aren't a good daughter when you disagree with your mother?
    • Do you worry that you will develop the same health problems that your mother has?
    • Do you secretly worry that you will end up old and alone with no one to take care of and love you?
    • Is your biggest fear that you are “becoming like my mother?”
    • Are you the black sheep of your family and feel as though you don't fit in?

    If you answered YES to any of these questions, then don’t miss Lightening the Mother Load. Dr. Northrup’s unique curriculum includes proven ways to lighten and heal your relationship with your mother—and improve your health.

    Lesson 1: Setting the Stage—Getting Your History Straight
    What makes the mother-daughter bond the most powerful and influential bond in a woman’s life, both biologically and spiritually? How does the relationship with your mother set the stage for all your relationships? Dr. Northrup explains how the mother-daughter relationship wires in your immunity, mood, and fitness level.

    Lesson 2: Breaking the Mother-Daughter Chain of Pain—Aligning With Your Soul’s Intent
    Why do daughters live out the unfulfilled parts of their mother’s lives? How can you overcome upper limit problems? Listen in as Dr. Northrup shares real-world strategies for releasing mother-daughter guilt and obligation.

    Lesson 3: The New Model for “Daughter-ing”
    How do you recognize your mother’s gifts and limitations? What are some good strategies for procuring “surrogate mothers?” Dr. Northrup identifies the most important thing you can do to heal your relationship with your mother.

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