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    Little Things Make A Big Difference

    by Laurin Sydney
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    Little Things Make A Big Difference by Laurin Sydney

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    Publisher Hay House
    Publication Date 2/1/02
    ISBN 9781561709519

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    This book is filled with joyful jolts and enlightening exercises for your home, your relationships, your kids, your workplace, and you. With this guide, you can make small, simple gestures that may not help to establish world peace but can nevertheless bring peace and joy to your world. We've already been taught not to sweat the small stuff, now let some small stuff make a big difference for you.

    About the Author


    An award-winning journalist, Laurin Sydney has anchored television’s only live, daily, worldwide entertainment news show on CNN for the past decade. Focusing on the star-studded worlds of film, television, music, and pop culture, she is also a motivational speaker and the author of the critically acclaimed lifestyle book, Why Bother? Why Not! How to Treat Everyone in Your Life Like a Star.