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Love Never Dies
How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased
by Dr. Jamie Turndorf
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Love Never Dies

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Publisher Hay House Inc
Publication Date 7/31/14
ISBN 978-1-4019-4534-3

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Are you looking to reconnect with a loved one you’ve lost?

Dr. Jamie Turndorf, famed relationship therapist, author, and media personality, has created a groundbreaking new grief therapy method that combines her acclaimed conflict-resolution techniques with after-death communication. The result: an unprecedented method that enables the bereaved to reconnect, heal unfinished business, and make peace with the deceased.

Filled with dozens of examples of spirit contact and communication, this book eliminates any doubt about life after death and shows that contact is ongoing. Loved ones in spirit don’t just linger briefly before going to “heaven” and disappearing from your life. Rather, heaven is a state, not a place, and your loved ones have eternity to support you and heal any issues left behind when they passed on.

Learn to Connect with Spirit:

    • Learn to trust yourself and the process that’s right for you—not a shortened, artificial grief period prescribed by conventional doctors.


    • Eliminate those obstacles that may be hindering you from connecting with your loved ones.


    • Come to recognize the numerous signs from spirit that you may have been missing.


  • Practice techniques for heightening your senses, expanding your awareness, and entering an open state, culminating in Jamie’s method for Dialoguing with the Departed.

When connection and love live on, fear is banished and relationships can grow and heal as never before.

Begin opening your mind and your heart today with Love Never Dies

Trouble Making That Connection?

Sometimes we have barriers to maintaining a connection with our passed loved ones. Those barriers can vary in degree and nature but they can be removed so you can be reconnected and heal even the most complicated of relationships.

Dr. Turndorf goes into great detail about the obstacles in dialoguing with the departed, especially in those past relationships that caused pain or trauma, as well as how to overcome them.

The path to healing ourselves, our relationships, and the world around us is to transform raw angry feelings into communications that are constructive, loving, and healing.

And when the pain gets to be too much, use this beautiful mantra from Dr. Turndorf to remind yourself that the storm of emotions you feel at any given moment will wash away in time.

Be Like a Willow

I allow the storm of emotions to wash over me
Like a gracefully bending willow tree

I invite you to make these words your new mantra. As you surrender to your emotional storms and allow the rough waters to crest over you, this pain will create miracles in your life and in the lives of others. As you will discover, intense emotions can cleanse your soul.  The gift on the other side of this journey is a vessel that’s open to receive boundless love from the spirit realm. As you allow it to fill you, it will naturally overflow onto others. As you pour love upon others, you will feel utterly blessed and surrounded by the light of love.

Just like it takes time and practice to learn to ride a bike, so it is with dialoguing with the departed, so be patient and open to receiving. In time, you’ll develop the skills to dialogue naturally and easily, and receive messages from those who have moved on to the spirit realm. Your loved ones are always communicating with you.

Start Learning How to Communicate with the Other Side with Love Never Dies>>

Dr. Jamie Turndorf also shares the amazing true story of her spiritual reconnection with her beloved deceased husband, internationally renowned former Jesuit priest Emile Jean Pin. Discovering for herself that relationships don’t end in death, Jamie recounts her remarkable experience where, through the depths of her grief after Jean’s sudden passing, her husband made known his continued presence—and undying love.

Watch the video as Dr. Turndorf tells her compelling story. . .

What People Are Saying

"I could not put this book down!!! It is so gripping from the first few words, and beautifully written. Dr. Turndorf’s courageous story of her reunion with her beloved husband after his death and the heartfelt stories of others serve to validate what many may have privately experienced but discounted as just a by-product of grief and loss and not really “REAL.” The book’s simple and powerful techniques provide essential tools for connecting to loved ones in spirit and will allow scientists to amass new data from lay people, other than mediums. Your book will make a profound contribution to the now significant scientific data already collected in laboratories around the world studying survival of individual consciousness after death, while adding richly to our own sense of love and peace. Thank you for the Gift!
--Linda G. Russek, Ph.D. , Co-author of The Living Energy Universe, Former Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Human Energy Systems Laboratory, U of Arizona

"Love Never Dies is an astonishing and refreshing story of survival of consciousness. She clearly shows the many ways spirit can communicate through us and with animals and even objects. I could hardly put the book down, and I have read many of these types of books. This is a great read for those who have lost a loved one and are looking for answers to the ways spirit makes contact with us and also how we can contact spirit to make peace. I highly recommend this book."
-- Dave Campbell, Certified Windbridge Research Medium (WCRM)

"Love Never Dies is guaranteed to give immense hope to those grieving the perceived loss of a loved one. Dr. Jamie Turndorf, together with her husband, Jean, now in spirit, provide stunning evidence of the continuity of love and life, along with the tools to help anyone connect with those in the unseen world."
-- Suzanne Giesemann Author of Messages of Hope

"Dr. Turndorf's extraordinary memoir/self-help book provides astonishing proof that we don't die and that we are meant to reconnect and stay connected to loved ones in spirit. Read this book, learn her powerful new method for reconnecting and making peace with the deceased, and you will transform your grief to joy." Fr. Richard
--Rohr, Founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation (CAC), and bestselling author of Falling Upward

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Known to millions as "Dr. Love" through her website web's first relationship advice site, active since 1996-Jamie Turndorf, Ph.D., has been delighting readers and audiences for three decades with her engaging blend of professional expertise and humor, and her remarkable ability to turn clinical psychobabble into easy-to-understand concepts that transform lives and heal relationships. Her methods have been featured on all the major networks, including CNN, NBC, CBS, VH1, and Fox; on top websites like WebMD,, and iVillage; and in national magazines, such as Cosmopolitan, Men's Health, and Glamour, to name only a few. Dr. Turndorf also writes a column called "We Can Work It Out" for Psychology Today online. Her Ask Dr. Love radio show can be heard in Seattle on KKNW and on, which broadcasts in 80 countries worldwide.