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Imagine you have your own personal navigation system that gently steers you in the direction of your hopes, dreams and goals. Your glow pilot, (much like a co-pilot) is someone who stands right beside you, who always has your back—and that glow pilot and divine light is within. I’m here to help you spark a change in your life to feel and look your most radiant. This course will guide you to well being: in the kitchen, on the mat, and in your life.

Latham Thomas shares her holistic approach to pregnancy which she has used to educate, empower, and inspire her clients to look and feel their most radiant. She empowers women to find their own inner glow pilot and guide themselves to an abundant life.

This fabulous informative 4-week course is your opportunity to work with maternity lifestyle guru Latham Thomas, to explore your creative edge through embracing radical self care practices, plant-based nutrition, and live in optimal wellness - in the kitchen, on the mat, and in your life—during pregnancy and beyond.

Who Should Attend?
This course is a must for pregnant moms, women exploring pregnancy, practitioners looking to gain more holistic insights to an integrated pregnancy approach. This course is helpful for birth attendants and doulas, prenatal yoga teachers, birth educators. Mama Glow is about women exploring their creative edge and optimal wellness during pregnancy and beyond.

What You’ll Learn Each Week

Lesson 1: Ready, Set, GLOW
• Clearing obstacles to pregnancy—cleanse your diet & life
• Setting new intentions—prioritizing your health & pregnancy
• Creating a sacred space for what you are calling in—altars
• Reframing our language and approach to fertility & pregnancy

Lesson 2: In the Kitchen: Intro to Glow Foods
• Delving into plant-based nutrition to support fertility, pregnancy, and breastfeeding
• Learn the value of plant-based nutrition and herbs to combat ailments like morning sickness, fatigue, edema, excessive weight gain, etc
• Learn what your body is really asking for through cravings
• Learn simple ways to incorporate Glow Foods into your daily life

Lesson 3: On the Mat
• Yoga & Movement meditation for fertility & healthy pregnancy
• Affirmations & guided meditations: pre-conception, pregnancy, labor, & post-partum
• Creating comfort measures for pregnancy & labor support

Lesson 4: In Your Life: Step into your GLOW POWER
Listen in as Latham is joined by the one and only Dr. Christiane Northrup! You won't want to miss this opportunity to hear from these two experts!
• Birthing in the Glow
• The hormones and physiological changes of pregnancy
• The birth journey : a cosmic dance, natural management of labor
• Radical self care and self renewal post partum
• Meeting your creative edge-giving back to yourself

More about Latham!
As the Mama Glow maven, Latham has touched the lives of hundreds of women who want to experience a healthy, balanced, and fabulous pregnancy. Latham presents her comprehensive wellness plan containing dietary and lifestyle advice that helps optimize your glow.

Using plant-based nutrition (or “Glow Foods”), journaling, yoga, affirmations, visualizations, and other tools based on the Mama Glow method, this program offers a unique system to help you develop an authentic relationship with your changing body, boost energy levels and lift moods, combat common ailments like morning sickness, prepare for an easier delivery, and achieve radiant skin, nails, hair, and a vibrant overall aura.

This On-Demand provides all four lessons immediately upon purchase.