Manifest Moment to Moment
8 Principles to Create the Life You Truly Desire
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Manifest Moment to Moment

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Publisher Hay House Inc
Publication Date 6/5/14
ISBN 978-1-4019-4182-6

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Imagine that you hold in your hands the power to change your reality - that you are capable of creating your highest vision and desire. In fact, you are. Manifest Moment to Moment is your guide to setting your intent, discovering your soul mission, and realizing your most heartfelt longings. Hands-on and thought provoking, this book invites you to go within and discover your unique, infinite possibilities. This information is imperative for anyone wishing to change the parameters of his or her life. Healer and inspirational teacher Tejpal and renowned professor and harpist Dr Carrol McLaughlin have created eight principles, as well as practical exercises and tools, to enable us all to begin successfully manifesting moment to moment.