Marianne Williamson on <em>A Course in Miracles</em> (Series 4) by Marianne Williamson

    Marianne Williamson on A Course in Miracles (Series 4)

    by  Marianne Williamson

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    In this six-lesson On Demand Video series, Marianne Williamson continues her discussion of A Course in Miracles, the practical thought system that has facilitated millions of personal transformations across the world.

    Marianne expands beyond A Course in Miracles with simple video lectures showing you how to discover peace and joy! Marianne discusses lesson 38 from A Course in Miracles, "There is nothing my holiness cannot do". Get ready to take your life to the next level.

    In one lecture, Marianne covers current events and explains how A Course In Miracles teaches that in every situation there is a lesson to be learned.

    You CAN achieve joy and peace, but first, you must learn to get over yourself. Begin your journey today with Marianne Williamson's On Demand Video lectures!

    Marianne began lecturing on A Course in Miracles in Los Angeles, CA in 1983 and led popular study groups and discussions from 1983 until 1994. Her ideas inspired thousands of people to transform their lives. Early on, she also played a special role in deepening the world’s understanding of AIDS and helping us all rise above that scourge. After 15 years away from Los Angeles, Marianne has returned to the city and is speaking once again to large audiences about A Course in Miracles and more. Now with this on demand video series taped live in Los Angeles, Hay House and Marianne are giving you the rare opportunity to take part in these revolutionary lectures no matter where you are in the world.

    “I hope you will join me,” says Marianne. “We've all learned a lot in the last few years, and now it's time to take the next step in applying what we know.”

    Please Note: This series was filmed from the following live lecture dates (6/8/10, 6/15/10, 6/22/10, 6/29/10, 7/6/10, and 7/13/10).
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