More Than You See
Australia 2013
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More Than You See

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Publisher Hay House
Publication Date 12/18/13
ISBN 978-1-4019-4563-3

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Collecting together three workshops from their incredible tour of Australia, this is a fantastic chance to catch Abraham-Hicks' transformative wisdom live! Over Five Hours of Material! As Abraham says,"You cannot be physical without being Non-Physical. You could not be more spiritual. There could not be more God flowing than that which is flowing through you. It's time for you to accept the rightness, the perfection, the wholeness, the worthiness of that which is you and get on with enjoying this moment in time with others who know it, too."

Topics Include: Why are there different messages from different channelers? • Are angels, like devils, figments of our imagination? • How can parents release past-performance guilt around how they raised their children? • Monogamy - would we allow our partners to do whatever they wanted to do, if we were in the Vortex? • Activism - is it 'pushing against'? • Her breadwinning partner is not in the Vortex • A funny, 'Esther just wanted some leaves cleared away' story • She wants another baby, and he doesn't • 'The Awakening' - is the earth changing vibration? • 'Why?' - why are we all here, and what is it all for? • He wants his old girlfriend back • Her lover left her 'out of the blue' - where does' trust' come from? • A redefinition of love • An examination of a difficult mother/daughter relationship • How do some healers instantly heal others? • Does heaven exist? • Is there a pecking order in Source Energy?... plus many more!