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My Cat Diary 2013
by Jenny Smedley
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My Cat Diary 2013

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Publisher Hay House UK
Publication Date August 2012
ISBN 978-1-84850-996-2

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With guidance on the many ways that you can develop a stronger bond with your feline friends, this diary has plenty of space for all of your important dates and notes, and is full to the brim of stories and anecdotes of special cats and their owners - and that magical bond that only they can understand.

With a different strategy to strengthen your bond with your pet each month, and a fascinating fact and a cat hero each week, it will inspire you to see another side of your cat, and feel closer than ever to your trusted companion!

About the Author


An expert on past lives and pets, Jenny Smedley is also a renowned spiritual healer, advisor and therapist, appearing in many magazines and TV programmes including GMTV and in Chat's popular past-life column, Dear Madeleine. She lives with her reincarnated dog, KC.