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Natural Pregnancy A-Z

by Carolle Jean-Murat, M.D.
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Natural Pregnancy A-Z by Carolle Jean-Murat, M.D.

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Publisher Hay House
Publication Date 4/1/00
ISBN 1-56170-709-0

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Women have been delivering healthy babies for 1000s of years. It is a natural process, a normal part of a woman's life. With proper preconception, prenatal care, and attention from your health-care provider, there is little reason why you cannot deliver a healthy baby, says Dr. Jean-Murat, a practicing obstretrician/gynecologist. From amniocentesis to fertility to postpartum blues to yoga, Dr. Jean-Murat answers many questions about the natural process of your pregnancy, the terms you may hear, and the tests that you may choose to undergo. Throughout this A-Z book, she particularly urges the reader to develop a trusting relationship with their health-care provider.

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Carolle Jean-Murat, MD is a medical intuitive, with an extensive background as a holistic, board-certified gynecologist, and menopause specialist. She is an internationally-renowned speaker, and award-winning author. She now offers intuitive consultations and one-on-one retreats for midlife women. Dr. Carolle helps women quickly discover the root cause of their dis-ease, how to bring it to consciousness, and how to deal with it.