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    Introduction to Numerology Introduction to Numerology
    A Powerful Tool to Understand Yourself and Others, and Plan Your Future by Michelle Buchanan
    Numerology is the ancient metaphysical system of numbers in which your name and date of birth reveal the blueprint of your life. It is a powerful self-help tool and, once you know how to use it, it will enable you to understand yourself better and make well-considered, fruitful choices in all areas of your life.

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    The Brain Fog Super Fix The Brain Fog Super Fix
    Simple Steps to Reclaim Your Focus, Memory, and Joy by Dr. Mike Dow

    How can The Brain Fog Super Fix Online Course enhance your life?

    With this course you’ll learn:

    • What brain fog is and how you can prevent it—in the short and long term
    • How exercise and moving your body address chronic pain and stabilize brain chemistry
    • Easy-to-make recipes with brain-boosting ingredients
    • Simple tools to reclaim purpose in your life and manifest your dreams
    • Meditation practices to connect you to your inner guidance and create peace within chaos
    • How powerful your external environment and food choices are to living a brain-fog-free life
    • The science behind western and eastern healing techniques
    • Tapping to address emotional and physical problems that hold you back from being happy

    It’s amazing how your life begins to truly work once you bust through brain fog. This course will help improve your mood, increase your energy, make you move more, sharpen your mind, and connect you to your divine guidance. Rediscover the joy in life again. You don’t have to live in the haze of brain fog.

    The practices you’ll receive will not only help you experience immediate health changes, but also protect your long-term brain health! Once you lift your brain fog, you’ll start living your life more vividly. These simple yet powerful strategies can help you transform your life forever!

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    The Art of Meditation: A Real-World Guide to Daily Balance, Inner Healing & Self-Discovery The Art of Meditation: A Real-World Guide to Daily Balance, Inner Healing & Self-Discovery
    by davidji

    You can live a life without stress, anxiety, worry and fear. The Art of Meditation Online Course will show you how to master your emotions to create a more fulfilling life.

    With over a decade of experience, davidji expertly guides you through a transformational journey of meditation through the practical application of modern science and the healing arts of the East.

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    A Trainer's Guide to Infinite Possibilities Certification Course A Trainer's Guide to Infinite Possibilities Certification Course
    by Mike Dooley

    Imagine a life where you have everything you want and you wake up each day with a smile on your face because you truly love your life.

    Yes, it’s a real scenario. This could be you every day. With the Trainer’s Guide to Infinite Possibilities Online Course you can create the life you truly want. 

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    A Return to Love A Return to Love
    by Marianne Williamson

    If you are ready to live in a world without fear or judgment, A Return to Love Online Course might be just the catalyst you need to get there.

    Creating a rich, fulfilled life is a choice—and this course will teach you how to let go of the past through forgiveness and start your healing process.

    Using the teachings in A Course in Miracles, you’ll learn that at the deepest level you are love and that living from this space will change your life forever. When you are able to relinquish a thought system based in fear and accept one that is based in love, you can attain inner peace. You will no longer be at the effect of the chaos in our world. Instead, you’ll be able to relax and feel the love in every situation you encounter. You will be able to set aside negative energy in order to find success and fulfillment. When you give yourself to love, this spiritual surrender will raise your personal power, improving everything in your life. We were put on this earth to love but somewhere along the way we got lost.

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    Angels of Abundance Angels of Abundance
    by Doreen Virtue , Grant Virtue

    God has a wonderful plan for you and your life, but sometimes we get in God’s way because we don’t have faith or we try to control everything ourselves. If you worry about finances, your future, or whether you’re fulfilling your purpose, then these fears can inter-fear with the flow of abundance coming to you.

    Because these self-sabotaging fears are unconscious, you may not even be aware of how often you’re pushing away the good that God is trying to bring to you. The Angels of Abundance Online Course can help you to increases your faith, confidence, and clarity so that you have the time, support, and energy to focus upon your life purpose.

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    I Can Make You Thin Online Course I Can Make You Thin Online Course
    by Paul McKenna, Ph.D.
    Paul McKenna, the number one hypnotherapist in the world wants to help you lose weight as he has for millions of people all over the world. If you’ve tried diets and failed, Paul McKenna’s new revolutionary weight loss system is the answer you’ve been seeking to end the food war for good.

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    Certified Angel Card Reader Online Video Course Certified Angel Card Reader Online Video Course
    Six-Lesson Online Course with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine by Doreen Virtue , Radleigh Valentine

    Gain confidence, clarity, and the power to make great decisions in your life…

    Become a Certified Angel Card Reader™ with this Online Video Course with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

    Earn an esteemed certification in Angel Card Reading from the comfort of your own home!

    Open your intuition and natural spiritual abilities to receive accurate information during your card readings with an in-depth 6-week online video course with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. Learn from the experts and gain a deeper spiritual connection, expand your intuitive skills and access the guidance you need to make important decisions in your life.

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    The Silva Life System Online Course The Silva Life System Online Course
    4 Lesson Video Course by Laura Silva Quesada
    If you’re in a funk or looking to achieve your wildest, biggest, most outrageous goals, the Silva Life System™ is the perfect place to begin learning how to finally release limited thinking and reach your goals.

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    Introduction to Crystals Introduction to Crystals
    7-Lesson Online Video Course by Judy Hall
    Crystals have been revered for thousands of years as amazing tools that can offer us physical and emotional healing, help us to manifest our desires, offer us answers to our questions, and support us to follow our calling. Crystals are here to teach us, and they have incredible gifts and wisdom to share - are you ready to accept their support to help you live the life you desire?

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