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Pause Button Therapy
by Martin and Marion Shirran
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Pause Button Therapy

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Publisher Hay House UK
Publication Date 9/25/12
ISBN 978-1-7818-0048-5

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Foreword from renowned psychology expert Professor Philip Zimbardo

Pause Button Therapy®
is a proven, innovative and interactive new therapy technique that allows you to do exactly this, empowering you to break out of negative habits and unconscious responses.
PBT is based on an incredibly simple idea, but can be used for a whole host of issues. It provides additional thinking time, allowing a person to consider the potential consequences of their actions and adjust their behaviour accordingly.

It has been hugely successful in the treatment of everything from addictions and weight issues to depression, anxiety and relationship problems, and this book will show you the many ways in which you can use it to transform your experience of life!

About the Author


Martin and Marion Shirran are both trained hypnotherapists and own and run the Elite Clinics in Spain, where they use a combination of therapies to successfully treat a wide range of problems.