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    61.   Care of the Soul In Medicine   by Thomas Moore Format: 4-CD Set
    Care of the Soul In Medicine is Moore’s manifesto about the future of healthcare. In this new vision of care, Moore speaks to the importance of healing a person rather than simply treating a body.

    List Price: $23.95

    HayHouse.com: $21.56 (Save 10%)

    62.   Making the Shift   by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Format: Audio CDs
    'The Shift' is a call to become more conscious, to move from aimless Ambition, to Meaning and purpose. Making this Shift is a necessity in order to live a peaceful, fulfilling life, aligned with your Divine calling. In this deeply engaging live seminar, Dr Wayne W. Dyer explains how to refuse the demands of the ego, which keep you mired in self-sabotage through never-ending pleas and false promises. With humorous and warm style, he shows how you can choose to move in a new direction - one that leaves the false self behind so you can reclaim your true nature.

    List Price: $45.00

    HayHouse.com: $40.50 (Save 10%)

    63.   How to Hear Your Angels   by Doreen Virtue Format: Audio CDs
    How to Hear Your Angels is a step-by-step manual on how to clearly receive messages from your angels and guides. The material was culled from Doreen Virtue's bestselling book Messages from Your Angels and from her workshops. Doreen has been assigning this guide to her Angel Therapy Practitioner students for many years, and at their request has compiled the information in this handy book.

    List Price: $18.95

    HayHouse.com: $10.00 (Save 47%)

    64.   The Spark   by Chris Downie Format: 4-CD Set
    This abridged audio book distills the best of SparkPeople’s medically accepted nutrition and fitness plan and infuses it with a program of personal empowerment.

    List Price: $24.95

    HayHouse.com: $10.00 (Save 60%)

    65.   Meditations for Courage and Compassion   by Joan Z. Borysenko, Ph.D. Format: Audio CD
    The world may be in crisis, but you don’t have to be. People who bounce back from change and challenge are able to face reality head-on, find deeper meaning in life, and use whole-brain thinking to improvise novel solutions to life’s problems.

    List Price: $15.00

    HayHouse.com: $8.00 (Save 47%)

    66.   Embracing Change   by Louise Hay Format: Audio CDs
    In this powerful 2-CD lecture, Louise L. Hay discusses the profound emotional experiences that have shaped and altered her belief system - and reveals how you can also change your thinking . . . and change your life!

    List Price: $16.95

    HayHouse.com: $15.26 (Save 10%)

    67.   Virus of the Mind   by Richard Brodie Format: 4-CD Set
    Virus of the Mind is the first popular work devoted to the science of memetics, a controversial new field that transcends psychology, biology, anthropology, and cognitive science. Memetics is the science of memes, the invisible but very real DNA of human society.

    List Price: $23.95

    HayHouse.com: $21.56 (Save 10%)

    68.   Defy Gravity   by Caroline Myss Format: 4-CD Set
    New York Timesbest-selling author Caroline Myss draws from her years as a medical intuitive to show that healing is not only physical; it is also a mystical phenomenon that transcends reason.

    List Price: $23.95

    HayHouse.com: $21.56 (Save 10%)

    69.   The Vortex   by Esther and Jerry Hicks Format: Audio CDs
    This Leading Edge work by Esther and Jerry Hicks, who present The Teachings of Abraham®, will help you understand every relationship you are currently involved in as well as every relationship you have ever experienced.

    List Price: $39.95

    HayHouse.com: $35.96 (Save 10%)

    70.   Stress Less ~ Title Change   by Joan Z. Borysenko, Ph.D. Format: Audio CDs
    "The world is at a tipping point, and if we all work together we can shift it in the right direction. This CD can help you do your part!" Joan Borysenko PhD

    The world may be in crisis, but you don't have to be. People who bounce back from change and challenge are able to face reality head-on, find deeper meaning in life and use whole-brain thinking to improvise novel solutions to life's problems. The two meditations on this CD were created especially to help you cultivate the qualities of resilience that some people are born with... but most of us need to learn. Cultivating a reserve of calm, adapability and resilience in the face of chaos is a lifelong tool that will reward you in any situation. Through the positive reinforcement that Joan creates, you too can rise above the difficult periods we all experience.

    With regular practice of the meditations in Stress Less, you can reduce your stress, improve your sleep patterns and help create the optimal health and energy you need at all times but particularly in changing times.

    List Price: $15.00

    HayHouse.com: $13.50 (Save 10%)

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