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    1.   10 Reasons You Feel Old and Get Fat...   by Frank Lipman Format: Hardcover
    A pioneer and internationally recognized expert in integrative and functional medicine, Dr. Frank Lipman proves that you don’t have to feel this way. You have a choice! In his latest book, Dr. Lipman breaks through the common myths and misconceptions surrounding aging and dieting, and he zeroes in on what you need to do in order to feel your very best.

    List Price: $26.99

    HayHouse.com: $24.29 (Save 10%)

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    2.   ThetaHealing® Seven Planes of Existence   by Vianna Stibal Format: Paperback
    Vianna presents exciting new information to help you take your skill with this work to the next level, and brings the reader into dimensions that she believes to be the beginnings of life itself, on a journey that leads outward, past the universe, to transform beliefs, showing that with a theta state of mind it is possible to connect to a Divine Energy before it becomes anything in this universe.

    List Price: $24.99

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    3.   Angel Astrology 101   by Doreen Virtue , Yasmin Boland Format: Paperback
    Angel Astrology 101 is perfect for anyone who is new to these subjects—but it also offers plenty of fresh insights and material for those who have long worked with either astrology or the angels.

    List Price: $15.99

    HayHouse.com: $14.39 (Save 10%)

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    4.   Coloring Book Bundle   by Louise Hay , Mike Dooley Format: Paperback
    Color yourself calm this Christmas with this wonderful coloring book bundle. Not just for kids, coloring can help you reduce stress, unwind, and focus the mind. It's also a whole lot of fun!

    List Price: $29.98

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    5.   Eliminating Stress, Finding Inner Peace   by Brian L. Weiss, M.D. Format: Paperback with Audio Download
    This book and with accompanying stress-reduction Audio Download will help you deeply relax.

    List Price: $17.95

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    6.   Trust   by Iyanla Vanzant Format: Hardcover

    In this wise book, the New York Times best-selling author and host of OWN's popular reality TV show Iyanla: Fix My Life reveals how to cultivate this liberating power-by exploring what trust really is, how to trust, and why to trust.

    List Price: $24.99

    HayHouse.com: $22.49 (Save 10%)

    7.   For the Sender: Love Letters from Vietnam   by Alex Woodard Format: Hardcover
    So begins a letter sent decades into the past, from a daughter searching for answers to a soldier serving in war-torn Vietnam, in this true story of service and sacri­fice, love and redemption, and the power of forgiveness.

    List Price: $19.99

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    8.   Medical Medium   by Anthony William Format: Hardcover
    Now, in this revolutionary book, he opens the door to all he has learned in over 25 years of bringing people’s lives back: a massive amount of healing information, much of which science won’t discover for decades, and most of which has never appeared anywhere before.

    List Price: $26.99

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    9.   Make Your Own Rules Cookbook   by Tara Stiles Format: Hardcover
    Tara prides herself on making healthy living easy and effortless for all people, and this cookbook holds the same philosophy. With full-color photos throughout, the Make Your Own Rules Cookbook takes you by the hand and shows you how fun it can be to make your own rules in the kitchen.

    List Price: $24.99

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    10.   Out of the Blue   by Mary Terhune Format: Paperback
    Mary’s is a message of transformation—she urges us to become aware of our omniscient essence and paradigm shifts in preventive and curative medicine as we awaken to consciousness as the primary force of life. Out of the Blue inspires every true seeker to live as an awakened being and a knowledgeable master of one’s own destiny and well-being.

    List Price: $14.99

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