Hay House has 19 item(s) in Kits.
1.   The Wowzer Bundle   by Denise Linn Format: Complete Kit
 Enjoy this special The Wowzer Bundle by Denise Linn.

List Price: $364.60

HayHouse.com: $250.00 (Save 31%)

2.   The Amazing Bundle   by Denise Linn Format: Complete Kit
Enjoy this special The Amazing Bundle by Denise Linn.

List Price: $237.52

HayHouse.com: $150.00 (Save 37%)

3.   Science & Spirituality Bundle   by Gregg Braden Format: Complete Kit

Save on this exclusive bundle package by Gregg Braden!

List Price: $146.70

HayHouse.com: $97.00 (Save 34%)

4.   Angel Therapy Online Course Bundle   by Doreen Virtue Format: Complete Kit
Save 60% when you purchase this exclusive Doreen Virtue bundle.

List Price: $67.88

HayHouse.com: $30.00 (Save 56%)

5.   Protection Portfolio Silver Box   by Suze Orman Format: Complete Kit

This state-of-the-art program gives you all the tools you need to protect your valuable documents, assets, and personal information. Suze walks you through each step of what you need to do in order to protect your loved ones and to create essential must have documents.

List Price: $59.16
6.   The Spark Box Set   by Chris Downie Format: Complete Kit
This box set features three extraordinary products that will help you discover a new way to think about your weight, your health, and your life!

List Price: $34.95

HayHouse.com: $31.46 (Save 10%)

7.   Stress Relief Bundle   by John F. Demartini, Robert L. Leahy Format: Complete Kit
The Stress Relief Bundle includes the following items:

Stress to Success…In Just 31 Days! Hardcover
Anxiety Free Hardcover
The Stop Anxiety Now Kit

List Price: $50.85

HayHouse.com: $33.05 (Save 35%)

8.   Dr. Northrup's Mother's Day Bundle   by Dr. Christiane Northrup Format: Complete Kit
Share these amazing gift items with the women in your life. This special bundle includes the following items:

Mother Daughter Wisdom - Trade
Women's Wisdom Perpetual Flip Calendar
The Power of Joy - Single CD

List Price: $47.95

HayHouse.com: $30.00 (Save 37%)

9.   Hicks Gift Set   by Esther and Jerry Hicks Format: Complete Kit
Enjoy this 3-piece set from best-selling Authors Jerry and Esther Hicks. This set includes:

Money and the Law of Attraction card deck
Telling a New Story 2-DVD
Joyous Adventure 2-DVD

List Price: $55.85

HayHouse.com: $37.00 (Save 34%)

10.   Extreme Self-Care Bundle   by Cheryl Richardson Format: Complete Kit
Enjoy this special gift set that includes these 3 products to help you take the steps you need to live a more fulfilling, enjoyable, and rich life. Set includes: Self-Care Cards Stand Up For Your Life DVD Finding Your Passion 4-CD set

List Price: $59.85

HayHouse.com: $40.00 (Save 33%)

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