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    1.   Modern Wisdom from the Ancient World   by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Format: Online Video
    Join Dr Wayne W. Dyer for a truly fantastic voyage! This online video programme will take you to some of the world's most breathtaking ports: Rome and Naples in Italy; Athens, Santorini and Mykonos in Greece; and Istanbul and Ephaseus in Turkey. Along the way, you'll experience something most travellers don't get to: a number of stimulating, enlightening lectures by the 'Father of Inspiration'. Plus, you'll be able to enjoy some very moving moments with Dr Dyer, such as a visit to the House of the Virgin Mary. This online video ensures that you get to experience the magic of this Mediterranean journey - called a 'once in a lifetime' trip by those who went on it - as many times as you wish!

    List Price: $99.95

    HayHouse.com: $20.00 (Save 80%)

    2.   Walk-In Online Video   by Scott Blum Format: Online Video

    Watch the Movie Online!  WALK-IN is a distinctive award-winning film that boldly confronts some of life's biggest mysteries.

    List Price: $3.99

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    3.   Wishes Fulfilled   by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Format: Online Video
    In his newest Public Television special, Dr Wayne Dyer presents the five Wishes Fulfilled Foundations: these are the five steps necessary for fulfilling your deepest desires. Dr Dyer demonstrates how to master each step so that you can achieve an extraordinary life! You will learn how to use Imagination, Living from the End, Assuming the Feeling of the Wish Fulfilled, Attention, and the Last Five Minutes of Each Day to attract what you most want into your life. The program also includes an appearance by special guest Anita Moorjani, plus a moving performance by the San Diego Children's Choir.

    The bonus material on this DVD includes an in-depth interview with near death experience survivor Anita Moorjani; a behind-the-scenes look at the television production; Dr Dyer's discussion of his healing with John of God; and a set performed by 'spiritual comedienne' Sarah Sweet.

    List Price: $19.99

    HayHouse.com: $10.00 (Save 50%)

    4.   Painting the Future Online Video   by Louise Hay Format: Online Video
    Watch the Movie Online!
    Inspired by the writings of best-selling author Louise L. Hay, Painting the Future reveals how the thoughts we choose create the life we live.

    List Price: $4.99

    HayHouse.com: $4.99 (Save 0%)

    5.   The Magic Hand of Chance Online Video   by Louise Hay , Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Format: Online Video
    Based on the common underlying theme of the writings of Louise L. Hay and Dr. Wayne W. Dyer—the notion that if you change your thoughts, you can change your life—this film beautifully illustrates the magical power of belief.

    List Price: $4.99

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    6.   My Greatest Teacher Online Video   by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Format: Online Video
    Watch the Movie Online!
    Based on the true life story of best-selling author Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, My Greatest Teacher is a compelling drama that explores the transformational power of forgiveness.

    List Price: $4.99

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    7.   Entanglement Online Video   by Gregg Braden Format: Online Video
    Based on the writings of best-selling author and visionary scientist Gregg Braden, Entanglement explores the possibility of quantum entanglement and our connection to “the Divine Matrix.”

    List Price: $4.99

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    8.   The Shadow Effect: Online Video   by Debbie Ford Format: Online Video

    The Shadow Effect Online View Experience The Shadow Effect right now with a single view of a stunning full screen streaming video using your broadband internet connection - no download required.

    List Price: $7.95

    HayHouse.com: $5.00 (Save 37%)

    9.   The Shift: Online Video   by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Format: Online Video
    Watch the Movie Online!
    Join Wayne Dyer and a star-studded cast for a story that will capture your imagination and send you on your own quest for a life of meaning and purpose. In The Shift, we share the stories of three modern lives in crisis—a young mother who nurtures everyone but herself, an overachieving husband who has forgotten what love means, and a moviemaker desperate for the opportunity that will make him worthy in his own eyes. Every life has a turning point, a shift, a choice to make about what really matters.

    List Price: $4.95

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    10.   Inspiration   by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Format: Online Video
    During the lecture, Wayne also introduces some special guests whose lives have served as an inspiration to him: Rwandan holocaust survivor Immaculée Ilibagiza; his mother, Hazel Dyer, and more. And, as only he can do, Wayne shares moving and sometimes humorous stories; as well as examples from classical and contemporary music, art, and philosophy to teach us how to make contact with the magnificence of creativity consciousness—which is available in abundance to us all!

    List Price: $38.00

    HayHouse.com: $19.00 (Save 50%)

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