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    Push the LAUNCH Button

    by Abraham Hicks
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    Push the LAUNCH Button by Abraham Hicks

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    Publisher Hay House
    Publication Date 6/10/13
    ISBN 9781401944063

    Product Description

    A brand new DVD from Abraham-Hicks that captures their transformational workshop from their recent Alaskan cruise

    This is it! The Grid. The Vortex. The crowd. The energy. The wisdom. The fun!
    Seven hours of Leading Edge, cutting-edge Infinite Intelligence.

    "We're going to go to a whole new place in this understanding."

    Topics Include: Go General or Go Specific? • Surgeon Works in an Upside-Down System • Relationships • Do Inanimate Objects Have Consciousness? • He Wants to Feel Joy Again After Losing Nine-Year-Old Daughter • Seeing Abraham's Aura • Author Wonders Where Her Words Come From • To Those Who Have Found Relief in Alcohol or Drugs • Acceleration of the Grid • Having a Positive Impact • Exercise? Meditation? Diet? Creating Your Ideal Body • Effects of Childhood Trauma . . . and many more.

    "It's the best of times and the worst of times, because it's the most of times!"

    PLUS: a wild closing ride where Abraham moves through a stream of hot-seaters in seconds!

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    #1 New York Times bestselling author Esther Hicks has been producing the Leading Edge Abraham-Hicks teachings since 1986. Esther continues to conduct the Abraham seminars with the help of her physical friends and co-workers and, of course, with the Non-Physical help of Abraham and Jerry. Please visit