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Pushing Upward

by Andrea Adler
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Pushing Upward by Andrea Adler

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Publisher Hay House Visions
Publication Date 8/21/12
ISBN 978-1-4019-4125-3

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The year is 1974...

This fascinating roman รก clef takes us through one epic year in the life of 21-year-old Sandra Billings. While trying to eke out a living as an actress in Los Angeles, she discovers the I Ching, the ancient Chinese oracle; and uses it as her GPS to navigate a torrid love affair, battle with demons of the past and search for meaning and truth.

After consulting the oracle, Sandra places a fateful ad in the Los Angeles Times: Drama Student in Need of Rm and Brd in Exchange for Housekeeping. She encounters outrageous and inappropriate individuals before meeting... Emma, a wise and refined 80-year-old woman who becomes Sandra's mentor and who ultimately changes the course of her life.

Interwoven throughout the deep, rich tapestry of this book are words of wisdom that illuminate Sandra's spiritual quest and profound inner changes. The result is a stunning climax, where everything she has gained is challenged by a poignant and surprising twist of fate.


PUSHING UPWARD will strike a chord with a broad audience. For the elderly, it confirms their usefulness, reminding us of their importance and wisdom. For people in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, it serves as a catalyst for processing their young adult experiences. For teens and new adults who are striving to maintain a sense of peace in the midst of mayhem, Pushing Upward may very well become a powerful mirror.

About the Author


Andrea Adler is a TV and Broadway actress, a journalist, and the founder of She is an international speaker, workshop presenter, and consultant, and has authored three books on holistic marketing: PR for the Holistic Healer, Creating an Abundant Practice, and The Science of Spiritual Marketing. Pushing Upward is her breakout novel. Websites: and