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Do you feel like you are constantly confronting obstacles to the dreams you want to manifest? Are you clearly able to see the life and health you want to achieve, putting in the time and effort on powerful affirmations, visualizations, and spiritual work, but frustrated with your progress?

Toxins are holding you back!

From great Hay House teachers and modern science, we know that it is not only important to focus on what we want—whether it be radiant health, weight loss, beautiful skin, joy, or abundance—but we also have to be able to make the shift on the cellular level—changing every cell in our body and brain in order to manifest those goals.

Truth is, your physical body is a chemical producing machine that shapes the way you look, feel, think, and behave. You can’t think greater than you feel because your body is incapable of creating the proper brain chemicals to create those good feeling states. And how you feel influences the body’s ability to heal and regenerate, lose weight, experience happiness, and reach states of higher consciousness.

You need a serious program and most modern cleanses are flawed. They don’t address the way our bodies are naturally built to detox. They also only focus on the physical body, overlooking the fact that for deep lasting transformation, we must also cleanse emotionally and spiritually. Internal toxins and external toxic people and situations need to be addressed simultaneously for the deep, lasting transformation.

Join international bestselling author Donna Gates on an effective 21 Day detox—eliminating the toxins from your body and your life.

Are you ready for a happier, healthier YOU?

Watch how easy it will be to truly manifest with your positive thoughts and watch your willpower soar as Donna Gates guides you step by step through the detox process—daily assignments will include changes to your diet that will gradually cleanse the body safely and effectively as well as techniques to cleanse your environment and your lifestyle.

Shift gears toward the life and health of your dreams and sign up today!

Lesson Details:

Lesson 1: Revealing and Removing Core Blockages
The first step in completely shifting on a cellular level is to understand the toxins, often hidden, in the world around you and what they are doing to you on a mental, physical, and spiritual level. Once you can identify and limit exposure to internal/external toxins, you will free the mind-body up for establishing the necessary foundation for real transformation.

• Discover the most dangerous toxins in your body, where they come from and where they’re being stored
• Learn the little-known toxins that are affecting you in serious ways
• Find out why your body isn’t naturally eliminating toxins as it should • Assess if your major detoxification pathways are working
• Identify the genes you may have inherited that prevent your ability to properly detoxify and let go of unhealthy patterns
• Uncover the relation of toxins to symptoms such as fatigue, depression, weight gain, hormone imbalances, auto-immune conditions, and disease

Week One Daily Protocol: In order make space for the new, you must first remove the old. Begin the step-by-step process of fully detoxing your mind, body, and spirit through an analysis of your foods, environment, habits, and relationships. You will cut out toxic foods and environmental stimuli and expose disempowering beliefs and unhealthy triggers.

Lesson 2: Deep Cleansing
To achieve serious results, it is crucial to go beyond the gimmicks. Many cleanses actually do more harm then good. With a true understanding of the cleansing process, you will be empowered to work with your body to eliminate toxicity on a cellular level and not merely stimulate peristalsis in a small area of your large intestine. Cellular memory, like muscle memory, needs to be rebooted—this is essential to transforming how you look, feel, and think.

• Discover why common cleanse programs create the yo-yo cleansing
• Get the secrets of how to properly cleanse the toxins out of your liver and small intestine
• Understand what to do and what not to do during a cleanse
• Learn the symptoms of cleansing and what to do about them
• Find out how to tell the difference between symptoms of cleansing and illness
• Uncover if hidden infections are at the root of your health issues and the only way to conquer them
• Learn the best therapies and the right type of exercise to do when cleansing
• Distinguish which kind of colon cleansing is right for your body
Week Two Daily Protocol: This week will focus on optimizing the cleanse, both internally and externally. Recipes specifically designed for purification will deepen the detoxification process. Assignments will focus on how to overcome resistance to change, clear toxic patterns and childhood programming, redefine unhealthy relationships, and pull free the anchors that reinforce out of date definitions of who you are and what you can achieve.

Lesson 3: Restore and Rewire: Creating the New You
Transitioning off a cleanse is another area where major mistakes are made and serious harm can be done to the body. Once the mind and body are no longer in opposition to each other, our healthy cells can create new signals and keep certain genes turned off and others turned on. Since toxins, stress, and lifestyle create over 90% of illness, this final week lays the foundation for continued results through key diet choices and brain optimization.

• Learn the best ways to continue to release subconscious emotional toxins
• Discover the dangers of not ending a cleanse properly and how to avoid them
• Be guided on the best ways to continue to keep your cells clean
• Understand the connection between a healthy gut and a healthy brain
• Get key diet tips to maintain the health of your digestive tract
• Find out how to balance your brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) and how to increase joy and motivation and improve sleep
• Uncover the little known hormone that triggers states of oneness
• Regain your will power

Week Three Daily Protocol: The end is only the beginning—as you gradually transition off the cleanse, you will be guided to establish a new state of being, a new definition of yourself and what you think is possible for your health and your life. Rewire your brain and rewrite your future.

This Online Course provides all three lesson downloads immediately upon purchase.