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    A Small Piece of Heaven on Earth by Roberta

    i have been involved with HH I can Do It events since the start , and now a new face has appeared U Live .
    What I want to say when my journey in life got rough and I had doubt I would turn to the mirror and
    repeat Louise's affirmations to give me a lift.
    I will be heading to Las Vegas early to enjoy the warmth and bright sun before we begin our workshops.
    I love to write and have done so for the past 25 plus years, part of me wanted to attend the Writer's Workshop
    but then my heart said I need to attend Dr Christiane Northrup's day long workshop.
    I have dealt with some undiagnosed illnesses and my life turned upside down these past several years.
    Just weeks ago I approached a milestone birthday 60 .. Yes the age Louise started HH and her life spiraled
    to high peaks with love.
    I have been a fan of Dr Northrup's since day one and been to many of her talks over the years, last one was
    in Vegas 10 years ago at the Convention Centre.
    This event is to be held at a hotel I stayed at 40 years ago when I took my first trip to Vegas , The Hilton where
    I went to see Elvis.
    It comes full circle now to see one compassionate loving soul guide us to a part of our life that most fear.
    I have to admit I am a bit nervous to be so close to Dr N a mentor of mine for many years , if that isn't enough I will
    assist her in the workshop and afterwards with book signing.
    How wonderful is this ..... have to be honest would love to go out for a healthy bite with Miss N and chat up a storm of life!
    Counting the sleeps until Saturday April 8th ..... Thank You Hay house for this life changing weekend for myself !


    (Posted on 4/2/17)

    Cannot wait for this event!!! by Jami

    Yayee! My chance to tell Teal in person how much I love and respect her courage. Even in this review space, it seems her adversaries cannot resist slamming her. Ironically, it is partially due to their ceaseless negativity I am now convinced just how important Teal's message is to us all. Her videos and workshops have changed my life for the better in so many ways. I am sure no one would choose to live Teal's current life unless they were authentic...irregardless of the actual backstory.

    (Posted on 11/24/16)

    Anything Hay House is a POWERFUL EXPERIENCE! by Suzan

    I've attended I Can Do It in San Jose, Ca. and it was life changing for me! Sad to not have it in my own backyard again, but I know I will be attending another conference with all of my Hay House favorites! Attended Celebrate Your Life in Phoenix Nov. 2016 and it was amazing as well. Looking forward to a sneak peak at what's ahead in Las Vegas! Thank you Louise Hay and all of the wonderful people who are a part of Hay House! So much love and gratitude for what you've done for my life! xoxo Suzan ... Cupertino, CA

    (Posted on 9/28/16)

    Empowering! by Kelly

    The whole I Can Do It! conference was amazing! Being around and in the same space as all those inspiring teachers was empowering!! Grateful to be on journey… Feeling blessed

    (Posted on 8/18/16)

    Inspirational by Anne-Renee L.

    Attending a Hay House conference was enlightening, it was one of my dreams to meet these people and hear them in person.

    (Posted on 8/18/16)

    Like-minded people by Michael T.

    It was very nice to see so many like-minded people all together in one place at the I Can Do It! Conference.

    (Posted on 8/18/16)

    Love and Acceptance by Jeremiah

    The love and acceptance I felt at the Hay House conference I attended was unconditional.

    (Posted on 8/18/16)

    Amazing! by Robin

    The speakers at I Can Do It! were fantastic! The attendees amazing! What energy!

    (Posted on 8/18/16)

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