Saving Samantha by Samantha Weaver

    Saving Samantha

    A Young Woman's Escape from Childhood Hell

    by  Samantha Weaver

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    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 5/1/06

    ISBN: 1401910300

    Samantha Weaver’s childhood was punctuated by sever neglect and abuse. Her seriously disturbed father made several suicide attempts during her early years, and at the age of just 14 Samantha herself was so depressed she tried to end her own life. Her GP diagnosed severe depression and prescribed various anti-depressants. By 18 years of age things had not improved and Samantha again found herself considering suicide. At this moment she recognized that she must do something to prevent these cycles repeating themselves and she signed herself into a psychiatric hospital as a voluntary patient.
    The psychiatric treatment and counseling enabled her to face the pain of her childhood and eventually she was able to reduce her medication. Now at 26, Samantha has pulled herself out of the depressions and is living a normal life. Along the way, she had had to make some very tough choices, including deciding to cut herself off from her family and background, knowing that this was essential for her survival.
    Her extraordinary and gripping personal story is a testimony of courage. Samantha hopes that it will help to inspire other people living in a personal hell to free themselves and regain enough willpower and self-esteem to live happier lives.
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