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    The Holistic Manifesto
    by William Bloom
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    Soulution by William Bloom

    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 11/1/04

    ISBN: 140190341X

    Product Description

    Holism-the idea that all life is connected, evolving, and sacred-is the new spiritual movement sweeping the planet. Soulution is its voice.
    In this vital and visionary book, William Bloom fully describes how the dynamics of the modern world have converged to give us this new and practical philosophy of life, alive with hope and integrity. In a world filled with political and religious conflict, holism disarms fundamentalism yet honors difference. In a society confused about its direction and morality, holism demonstrates the dynamic link between personal fulfillment and global responsibility.
    Solution is a profound yet practical book, an oasis of common sense and wisdom, encouraging you to open your mind and heart to the healing of self and society that is now available.

    About the Author


    William Bloom, Ph.D., is considered by many people to be the UK’s leading holistic and New Age teacher and author. Through his books, courses, and media appearances, he’s at the forefront of cultural change. Originally a successful novelist and publisher, he spent two years living among the Sahareen Berbers in the High Atlas Mountains of North Africa. Since then, his life has been dedicated to exploring and explaining the practical convergence of spirituality, psychology, and social healing.