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    Spirit-Centered Relationships

    Experiencing Greater Love and Harmony Through the Power of Presencing
    by Gay Hendricks Ph.D. , Kathlyn Hendricks Ph.D.
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    Spirit-Centered Relationships by Gay Hendricks Ph.D.

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    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 1/1/06

    ISBN: 9781401932855

    Product Description

    What is a spirit-centered relationship, and how can you bring more genuine love into your life? To answer these questions, tune in to yourself to find out if this is what your heart desires in a close relationship:

    1. You feel connected to your own spiritual essence - your true self - in all the ups and downs of daily living.
    2. You and your partner feel connected on the spiritual level, both in times of stress as well as in times of joy and abundance.
    3. You grow creatively as independent individuals at the same time that you grow closer together in intimacy.
    4. You feel an abundant flow of creative energy because you don't squander it on conflicts that are never resolved.
    5. You and your beloved learn to love so generously and wisely that your relationship becomes a sacred treasure to you and inspiration to others.

    If this is the kind of relationship your heart desires, then we believe that you'll find this book liberating, practical, and soul-satisfying.

    About the Author


    Gay Hendricks, Ph.D., is the author and co-author of twenty-five books in conscious relationship, conscious business and bodymind transformation. Included are such enduring bestsellers as Conscious Loving, The Corporate Mystic, Conscious Breathing and Conscious Living. Before founding his own institute, he was Professor of Counseling for twenty-one years at the University of Colorado, where he began teaching in 1974 shortly after receiving his doctorate from Stanford University. Over the past 24 years of their relationship, he and Kathlyn have raised two children, accumulated a million frequent flyer miles and appeared on more than 500 radio and television programs.

    About the Author


    Kathlyn Hendricks has been a pioneer in the field of body-mind integration for thirty years. Her explorations of the catalytic power of the creative arts in psychotherapy and organizational systems have been featured in magazines, journals and books such as Transpersonal Approaches to Counseling and Psychotherapy, Chocolate for a Women’s Soul, Getting in Touch, Personal Transformation and the Handbook of Workplace Spirituality. She received her doctorate in psychology in 1982 and has been a member of the Academy of Dance/Movement Therapists of the American Dance Therapy Association since 1975. She has consulted and taught in the graduate programs of many universities, including the University of Colorado, Union Graduate School, Antioch University, Naropa Institute and the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute. She has an international reputation as a seminar leader for health and business professionals. Kathlyn also consults regularly for corporations and organizations such as AT & T Bell Labs, Motorola, Dell, and Monsanto. She is the co-author of ten books, including Conscious Loving and The Conscious Heart, and the author of a book of poetry, A Waterbaby Contemplates Dry Land.