Stop Drifting, Start Rowing
One Woman's Search for Happiness and Meaning Alone on the Pacific
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Stop Drifting, Start Rowing

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Publisher Hay House Inc
Publication Date 10/14/13
ISBN 9781401942632

Product Description

In 2007, Roz Savage set out to row 8,000 miles across the Pacific Ocean-alone. Despite having successfully rowed across the Atlantic the previous year, the Pacific presented the former office worker with unprecedented challenges and overpowering currents-both in the ocean water and within herself.

Crossing Earth's largest ocean alone might seem a long way removed from everyday life, yet the lessons Roz learned about the inner journey, the ocean, and the world are relevant to all of us. She shares tales of the ups and downs of her voyage across the waves, while offering insights on how to find happiness through a meaningful and rewarding life.

Chosen as the Hay House Book Club Pick for October 2013!