Strong Winds From Nowhere by Ronit Galapo

    Strong Winds From Nowhere

    The Initiation of the One

    by  Ronit Galapo

    eBooks 15.95 USD $15.95

    Publisher: Hay House Inc

    Publication Date: 3/24/14

    ISBN: 9781401941376

    Strong Winds from Nowhere is the story of Tasha, who is banished at the age of ten to eternal exile by the people of her village for being too beautiful. Along with Ceyon, her guide and teacher, Tasha heads to the vast expanse of nowhere in search of freedom, truth, and friendship. On her journey, she meets the Shohonks, a mysterious people who capture her heart through their clear sight and immense powers. Gradually she discovers that under their impeccable facade lurks a dark and frightening shadow that consumes people’s hopes and aspirations; and Tasha decides to face this shadow, despite the personal prices.

    Strong Winds from Nowhere is an empowering story of change, bravery, and the triumph of free spirit. It is a combination of fantasy and wisdom, filled with depth and layers, yet simple and intimate in language, keeping the readers close to their heartbeats, close to their hearts.

    Book One of the Strong Winds from Nowhere Series