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Supercharged Taoist

An Amazing True Story to Inspire You on Your Own Adventure
by Stephen Russell, The Barefoot Doctor
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Supercharged Taoist by Stephen Russell, The Barefoot Doctor

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Publisher Hay House
Publication Date 12/22/09
ISBN 978-1-4019-2529-1

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In the pages of this riveting book, The Barefoot Doctor charts his 25 years of training with some of the most inspiring and innovative teachers and gurus of their generation. You’ll meet a man who could drive with his eyes closed, the yogi who actually emitted light when meditating, the Tai Chi teacher who could throw people across the room with one finger, and luminaries such as R. D. Laing and Ram Dass. In addition, you’ll encounter colorful characters like Geronimo’s grandson and Psycho Dan, who’s on the lam for tearing off a man’s ears with his bare hands!

Recounting a journey that takes him from urban London to the back alleys of Hong Kong, to the mystical mountains of New Mexico and back again, The Barefoot Doctor achieves something unique: he tells ripping yarns about real-life spiritual leaders that also succeed in passing on the essence of their teachings. As well as being hugely entertained, you’ll come away inspired to start living by your own intuition so you can create an incredible life for yourself.

About the Author


The Barefoot Doctor aka Stephen Russell is famous for soulfully evolving and lovingly presenting the ancient Taoist principles in a pure and simple manner. The Barefoot Doctor has been at the helm of the personal development movement in the United Kingdom for more than two decades. The author of 13 bestselling books, he has devoted his life to interpreting, simplifying, and sharing the Taoist system of medicine, martial arts, meditation, and creativity. The Barefoot Doctor has an international following of millions around the globe who log on to his popular web site and attend his various talks, seminars, events, and club nights.