Suze Orman's Insurance Selector by Suze Orman

    Suze Orman's Insurance Selector

    by  Suze Orman

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    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 8/1/06

    ISBN: S702

    Now you can get instant on-line evaluations of your current insurance policies in the five areas that we cover as well as personalized recommendations before you buy.

    Nothing like it has ever been created before! It evaluates your needs, makes personalized recommendations, is easy to use, and saves you money. Buy one and share it with everyone you know. Help yourself and help others as well.

    This kit succinctly and pragmatically evaluates your personal insurance policies, such as Home, Auto, Life, Long-Term Care, and Disability, and informs you on what should be included and the specific coverage limits you personally need. Suze Orman guides you step by step and defines the actions you need to take, leaving you informed and insurance-savvy. This kit includes her Home Inventory software with which you can archive items and receipts of your home valuables.

    30 day money back guarantee.

    PC and MAC compatible.
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