Suze Orman's Financial Solutions by Suze Orman

    Suze Orman's Financial Solutions

    Enjoy the Best of Suze’s Advice! Listen, Watch, and Learn What to Do with Your Money

    by  Suze Orman

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    Publisher: Hay House Inc

    Publication Date: 1/13/15

    ISBN: 9781401947088

    This one-of-a-kind collection has been compiled from Suze’s popular TV series The Suze Orman Show.

    Included are three DVDs that each highlight some of Suze’s most popular segments: Can I Afford It?, One on One with Suze, and How Am I Doing?

    Also included are eight DVDs featuring advice based upon answers Suze has given her callers over the years: Hot Topics, Debt & Credit, Student Loans, Real Estate, Everyday Solutions, Love & Money, Retirement, and Money Nuggets.

    With so much sound financial advice, this library is one you and your family will be revisiting again and again!

    11-DVD Set • Closed-Captioned

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